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Weekend Wind-Up – Victoria Day!

May 22, 2012

It was Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, or May 2-4 as we like to call it, signifying a case of 24 beer, a must-have for many for this first long weekend of the summer! Though not for me…root beer was my beverage of choice this weekend.

Flax, from our front garden

A and I started off our weekend early. I left work at 1pm on Friday, after working several late nights last week, not to mention I had a 4pm doctor’s appointment and I was nervous about long weekend traffic. Luck was on my side and it didn’t take me any longer than normal to drive home. Whew! I had time to pick up A, and off we went to my bi-weekly appointment. All is well with the baby! Her vitals are strong, and so are mine. My glucose test was just fine and my blood pressure remains low-normal (I’ve always had somewhat low blood pressure).

After our appointment we decided to do a little shopping. We headed up to a newer shopping area in Oshawa and visited Carters/Osh Kosh, where I picked up a set of five bodysuits for the baby for only $10! Then it was over to Thyme Maternity where I bought a couple pairs of capris, and then we went to Marks Work Warehouse to buy shorts and a couple of tops for A (he had a gift certificate left over from Christmas).

Dinner was East Side Mario’s, where I had a super yummy butternut squash ravioli, but what I had really wanted was their signature garden salad. Yum

The rest of the weekend was crazy busy! I honestly can’t remember what happened on what day, so I thought I’d post some pictures instead, which will show you what we were up to. It was all outside chores, since the weather was AMAZING!! 27 degrees Celsius every day!

First, the backyard:

I forgot to take a before pic, but what you see above is the after! You might remember the raised bed in the middle from last year, but everything else is new (we have plans next year or the year after to move the middle bed. Our original plans for the layout of the backyard are different from what we would like to do now, which includes having space for kids to play).

My darling hubby built us a new raised bed for growing vegetables, but this one is longer and narrower (about 12 x 2 feet) to make it easier to access tomatoes and peppers as they grow:

In this bed I planted cucumbers (from seed), four cherry tomato plants, one beefsteak tomato, four Shepperd peppers and one cayenne pepper (in the pot).

In the 4 x 8 bed from last year, I confess that none of the seeds that I planted a few weeks back took, with the exception of the peas you see in front of the trellis. All of these plants we bought at our favourite garden centre. I planted four romaine lettuce, four kale, 8 broccoli and 8 beets. We’ll see how these turn out, especially the lettuce and kale, which tend to not do as well in summer heat. At the end of the bed that seems empty, I planted zucchini seeds:

And in the other corner of the yard, we not only enclosed the bed that was already there with a wood frame, building it up a bit to add a foot of good soil, but also bought ourselves a little shed:

The shed is 4′ x 6′ x 6.5′ high and has just enough room to store our garbage, compost bin, recycling bins and lawn mower. It’s adorable! A and I had a fairly easy time putting it together early Monday morning before the sun started touching the back yard.

I haven’t planted anything in the bed next to it yet, other than the two hostas that were in that space before which we transplanted. I’ll most likely plant shade-loving perennials, and there was also talk of rhubarb.

Other than a basic patio which we might put down once the basement is finished, big enough to hold a table and some chairs, that’s about it for our backyard for awhile! We’re super happy with how everything has turned out.

As for the front of the house, while A looked after building the beds and moving soil, I took care of a couple of paint jobs. Here’s the before:

Notice the faded blue paint on the door and the patchy pillars (this is after I’d sanded down the flaking bits)? All are gone now!

A fresh coat of paint on the pillars really brightens them up. And the new door colour, and earthy green, suits our somewhat green thumbs! I thought it would be a bit darker, but it’s growing on me 🙂 Now we just need a new mat for the front door…

With A’s help (I am not willing to get on a ladder 7 months pregnant), I hung planters in which I put geraniums and nasturtium. I love nasturtium! They’re so pretty (once they flower…ours haven’t yet).

Notice the colours? Orange and bright pink! Our wedding colours 🙂

We’re hoping to do a little revamping to the front garden, but aren’t quite sure when we’ll get to that.

And there you have our insanely busy, but super rewarding long weekend. There was no basement work. No work on the baby’s room, but how could we possibly have done inside chores when the weather was so nice out? Right? I knew you’d agree!

We did manage to get some down time in there…on Sunday afternoon, during the hottest part of the day, A and I took ourselves to the movies to see Battleship. It was pretty good, but not enough world destruction for my taste. I really love disaster movies, be them natural or alien in nature 🙂 I’m weird that way, haha! And Monday morning I popped over to visit my sister and the kids. I haven’t seen them in awhile! Life has just been too busy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    May 23, 2012 10:32 am

    I love your raised garden beds. I want some in our new yard. I might need some tips from you;). Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

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