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27 Weeks!

May 6, 2012

Well I’m pooped! You’ll see why when I do my weekend wind up tomorrow! But in the meantime, here’s my 27 week update!

How Far Along? – 27 weeks 🙂

Size of Baby – Close to a cauliflower in weight (over 2.5 pounds), or so says the What To Expect app on my iphone 🙂 and 16 inches long!

Gender – It’s a girl!!


I cut my hair! The beast was just getting way too long and unmanageable. And hot. I’m so hot these days!

Maternity Clothes – Tried on some pant my sister gave me that I thought for sure wouldn’t fit yet, but they do! I’m starting to recognize that size doesn’t matter right now, comfort does 🙂

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – 25 pounds and counting! I’m averaging about a pound a week, which is normal.

Sleep – Meh. Not so good this week, but then I was plagued with a headache for most of the week 😦

Movement –So much, which I love, but some are getting a bit uncomfortable. Especially those bladder and hoo haw stabs. Good lord. Yesterday at my glucose test  she had been quiet for a bit and then suddenly gave me a kick so hard, it gave me a jolt and scared me!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, fatigue, slight swelling of the legs. My rear end situation has mostly resolved itself (I have back up meds on stand by, just in case). I’ve also got a very faint linea negra happening! My sister actually noticed it.

Cravings –None really. I’m not sure whether to be surprised by that or not…

What Do I Miss – Being able to move comfortably. The ligament pain is restricting, as is the slight swelling. I grunt a lot when I’m sitting or getting in and out of bed.

Nursery –I’ve begun the process of organizing closets, so we can clear out the one in the baby’s room. Gonna be interesting!

Emotions –Pretty good. No weepy moments this week!

Best Moment of the Week – Hearing the whoosh whoosh whoosh of her heartbeat at my OB appointment! I LOVE that sound.

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