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Tickle Me Pink

May 3, 2012

This is Baby Brenda. Baby Brenda was given to me for Christmas just shy of my 2nd birthday (if you want math, that’s 32 years ago), in preparation for the baby sister that was about to make her way into my life. I LOVED Brenda! Dressing her, changing her, playing house with her…she was a constant companion for years. I’ve never been able to give her away. And so, Brenda currently sits on a shelf in the spare room closet, since I can’t bring myself to put her in a box (she’s keeps good company with my Cabbage Patch Kid, Cindy).

But last night I brought Brenda out so that she could model the hat I knitted for our little one! I used a very simple pattern that calls for straight needles, rather than round or multiple. There’s a seam up the back, but I find working in the round tricky and confusing. Simplicity is the way to go for me!

I’m hoping it’ll fit our daughter when winter comes! I think I might make a pom pom to top it off 🙂

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