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Weekend Wind-Up

May 1, 2012

I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it….dur!

Holy busy weekend Batman! Where to start?

On Friday I guess…

A and I had a fancy dinner at Swiss Chalet on our way home from work, and arrived at home to find A’s parents waiting for us! His mom had a girls night planned with some friends the next night (using us as home base) and his dad decided to come down and help A and my dad with the basement. My parents popped over shortly after and the men-folk headed off to Home Depot to do man things. When they got back they did a bit of work on the basement, but a busy week caught up with us all and we were in bed shortly after 10.

We were all up bright and early Saturday morning. My mission first thing was to head down to Service Ontario to get going on changing my name! I got there about 20 minutes before opening time and was sixth in line. It was a chilly wait, but worth it, as I was all done by 9:15! I’ll get my new drivers license and new health card in the mail in a few weeks. And thank God they re-did my pictures! I look like a 50 year old serial killer in my current pic, probably because I had a migraine the day I had it done. Fingers crossed they turn out ok (I put make up on this time).

After that was done, I stopped to pick up my mom, then back home to pick up my mother-in-law and the three of us headed downtown to visit a few fabric stores. I’m still on the hunt for fabric for the baby’s room. The one store was super nice, but unfortunately most of their stock was at a creative design show west of the city. But I did learn I can order the prints I want. At what cost, I don’t know yet.

The second store we went to was promising, but I was deterred by the sheer amount of fabric and that you had to flip through samples to see them. I’m much more of a visual ‘glance around’ type person to find what you want. That’s why I don’t like thrift stores or stores like Winners and Marshall’s that much. I don’t have the patience to pick through.

We left empty handed, and headed back home but stopped for lunch at Kelsey’s on our way. When we got home the men had been hard at work all day, and had most of the insulation in and had already started on the framing!

A busy day definitely called for ordering pizza for supper, and so we did just that. Yum! After dinner my parents left and A, his dad and I (his mom was off with her crew at that point), settled in to watch We Bought A Zoo (my choice!). It was super cute, but sadly an hour into it, we all got a case of the ‘tireds’ and hit the sack!

Sunday was yet another busy day for the men in the basement. By the end of the day they had almost all of the insulation in and more than half of the framing done! They did a fabulous job.

The laundry room - The little room you see being constructed will be our cold storage! The space to the right of it is where our upright freezer will go. In the future when we move, this space can be converted to shelves.

This is in the family room area. There are tons of pipes and vents to work around, but we have a good plan for bulk heading around them! (You'll notice that part of the ceiling is dropped)

And I kept busy too! Cleaning, dusting, meal planning (we’re trying to get back into that) and I even got outside to plant my cool weather crops! Kale, two types of beets, broccoli and peas. Here’s hoping they take! After lunch A’s mom joined me in running errands around town, and once we’d dropped everything off at home, I headed up to my sister’s for a quick visit with her and the kiddies. CJ was so cute, saying hello to the baby in my belly, calling her by name (which I’ll share with you all, but not just yet) and just as I was leaving she said “I want to keep you An’ Kissie”. So precious! CK himself is getting bigger by the day and has the most adorable little grunts 🙂 The four of us went for a walk around the block before I headed home to make dinner for the crew.

A’s parents headed out after dinner, leaving A and I to finish watching We Bought A Zoo (I LOVE the little girl in that movie. She’s so cute!). We had a relaxing night together and then, as usual, 9pm rolled around and I was ready for bed.

And that was our busy weekend!

I had a bit of a sleep in this morning, as I had my monthly OB appointment. It went well! Our little munchkin is thriving, with a strong heartbeat, and as the doctor can testify, strong kicks (she was kicking the dopplar as they were monitoring her heart rate.)! I’m measuring exactly where I should be at this point, and our second anatomy scan showed no abnormalities, a good amount of fluid and my placenta in a good location! Hopefully I won’t need the 30 week ultrasound! I’ll start going every two weeks now for appointments and between now and my next one I have to do the glucose test for gestational diabetes. Ew. I hope they serve it cold (I’ve heard it’s sometimes warm…bleh!)!

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