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Friday Ramblings

April 27, 2012

I’m so beyond thrilled that it’s Friday! It seems like this has been a super long week.

On the Baby…

26 Weeks today! And man, am I ever feeling it. She’s been growing like crazy this week, so my ligaments and muscles have been stretched to the max!

I got a little teary eyed this morning reading about holding your baby right after birth…what an amazing moment that’s going to be. Less than 100 days until our due date!

On Maternity Leave…

The posting went out for my replacement this week. It’s so weird to think about someone else in my job! But there’s no way  I’d give up my maternity leave for anything in the world. I’m blessed to live in Canada. Though I’ve heard Sweden is a pretty awesome place to have a baby…

My last official day (for now) is July 20th and I can’t wait!

On Hunger…

I’m HUNGRY this week. I seem to be eating non-stop, which makes sense since baby girl has been doing some major growing. I’m trying to make healthy food choices (fruit, cheese, rice cakes, nuts and seeds etc), but sometimes a girl just has to give in to the dark side and eat a lemon cranberry scone smothered in icing from Starbucks. Oh yes. Yes she does. And chase it with some glazed cashews….and a decaf latte…

It’s a little scary watching the scale climb higher and higher each week, but I know it’s for a good reason.

On The Weather…

Could someone tell mother nature it’s almost May? I saw flakes of snow falling this morning! Also, my winter coats don’t do up anymore, so warm the heck up already!

On Wedding Wind-Up…

I started my thank you cards last night! We ordered some cute custom ones from Costco I absolutely love. Hopefully those of you who were there will receive one in the next few weeks! My goal is to do 10 or so a day until I’m done.


Happy Friday!

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