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And The Basement Renos Begin…

April 25, 2012

I’ve lived in our house for seven years. Seven! It’s incredible to me that that much time has passed. And in all that time, the basement remains the only area that hasn’t been touched.

When A moved in last year, and it looked like we would be staying awhile, we started talking about finishing it, but at the time, it wasn’t necessary. We had all the space we needed.

Now, with a baby on the way and at least one other planned for the future, it’s time.  We’re not going to go crazy with elaborate designs and finishes, but it does need to be functional. And yes, it needs to look nice.

(I can see my darling hubby rolling his eyes at that one…you should hear our conversations about couches:

A: Ahhhhh, It’s so comfortable!

C: But it doesn’t look nice

A: So even if it’s horribly uncomfortable, but looks nice, it’s fine?


Ah, marriage).

Here’s how we’re hoping it’ll go down (black is the original structure, red are our changes….oh and it’s so not to scale):

Since our upstairs is pretty much open concept with the family room and kitchen combined, our intention while our kiddies are young is to use the upstairs as the kids primary play space, so that I can keep an eye on them while in the kitchen, and to use one end of the basement as ‘adult’ space. Here we’ll have space for A’s desk and computer, we’ll bring down the 50″ plasma and all of my bookcases, which are currently spread out over all three bedrooms (creating space there). A section of that large area will be walled off and kept unfinished as the furnace room and for storage.

At the other end of the basement (the two areas are connected by a long hall, with storage under the stairs and bathroom that will remain unfinished, but we’ll wall it in and have a little door to access), is the laundry/utility area. Not much will happen there, other than to drywall and put down flooring (and I hope to get a new laundry tub!), though we’re hoping to put in a cold storage area. We’ll put up lots of storage here too, with cupboards/shelving over the washer and dryer.

I’m making sure to document our progress! Here are some of the before shots (the first few are before the great clear out, the last few after that miracle occurred…one can accumulate a lot of stuff in 7 years!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. April 25, 2012 8:02 pm

    I love before and after photos of home improvement projects! Can’t wait to see the final result 🙂

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