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Weekend Wind-Up

April 24, 2012

And once again I forgot to write this yesterday! Here’s the scoop…

Luckily by Saturday my stomach virus was well on it’s way out of my system, because we had a lot to do!
A was a maniac and finished clearing out the basement. It’s amazing how big it is down there with nothing in it! I helped where I could but mostly focused on tasks I could do, like tidying up the main floor, doing the laundry and providing my man with food and drink 🙂

A little bit after lunch, A’s sister J and her friend H arrived and we all got out inner geek on and played Minecraft for the rest of the day. We had a ton of fun!

Sunday rolled around too quickly and late that morning we found ourselves at Home Depot with my Dad, buying the insulation and lumber we need for framing the basement. Man, am I ever going to get a ton of free movies with these renos (I have the Scene debit card, which for those of you not in the know, gives you points for the movies)!

After a couple of trips bringing things home (my job was to watch our purchases while they took the first load home), we were back at the house.

I made lunch for my men folk and then it was back to work! But while they dealt with the lumber, I needed a break and so I started in on a knitting project! I haven’t knitted in months and decided to make a hat for our baby girl. I’ll post a pic when I’m done. I’m doing a little bit every day.

And that was our weekend! Went by way too quickly but we got a lot done. Now the work really begins on the basement. I’ll try and post before pics later this week and will tell you all about our plans. They aren’t glamourous, but it’ll give us a ton more living space. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to help, so I’m going to focus on details for the baby’s room.

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