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Friday Ramblings

April 20, 2012

On Being Sick Yet Again…

This time, a stomach virus. Sounds super, right? Ya. Not so much. The baby is just fine (I saw my doctor yesterday) but mama is a bit miserable! I’ve been home from work the past couple of days. It’s just a bit more comfortable being at home, you know?

On The Baby…

As I said, our baby girl is just fine! She’s kicking and thumping away and last night she even had the hiccups! At first I wasn’t sure what was up. I was feeling this consistent, rhythmic light tapping in my lower abdomen. I thought maybe she was kicking, but they were so evenly spaced apart, which isn’t usual for her. It finally occurred to me she was hiccuping! So funny. They stopped after a couple of minutes.


I’ve been feeling not well since last weekend, so let me tell you, I’m thrilled it’s Friday! I’m hoping I feel well enough to do the things we want to do this weekend. Fingers crossed!

And that’s really it. Not much going on this week, with me being sick. Here’s hoping this is the last bout I have to deal with before the baby comes! Being pregnant and sick is not exactly rainbows and butterflies!

Have a great weekend y’all!

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