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Weekend Wind-Up

April 11, 2012

I know I promised this yesterday, but when A picked me up from the train last night, he surprised me with a date night, complete with flowers, chocolates (Easter cream eggs, my favorite) and dinner out at the Keg! It was quite unexpected (the best kind) and very sweet! No time for blogging 🙂

We had a long and busy Easter weekend. Here’s a breakdown:

Friday – the theme was housework! We got a good chunk of the basement cleared out, finished painting the trim in the upstairs hallway, mounted a TV in our bedroom and I vacuumed. Whew! We went for a walk down by the lake, then came home for some grub. For dinner we cooked ourselves a very yummy pre-marinated pork tenderloin we picked up from White Feather Farms and roasted vegetables.

Saturday – Easter part 1! I left A to his own devices and ran out to run some errands. I hit up Michaels for the supplies I need for a craft for the baby’s room (more on that once I’m finished…it could take awhile!) and then the grocery store for things I needed to bring a veggie tray to Easter part 2 at A’s parents the next day.
When I got home, we made a quick run to the Goodwill to drop off some donations before heading up to my sister’s for dinner.
I was misinformed when I said we were having scalloped potatoes and ham. We had a roast instead (seriously no clue who told me ham and scalloped potatoes). It was tasty and of course I had loads of time to spend with my niece and nephew. CJ entertained us with a fashion show, trying on all the clothes she’s received as gifts from people coming to see the new baby. She’s such a ham! And being such a great big sister. She’s extremely gentle with CK and is conscious of where he is at all times… “An’ Kissie, where’s the baby?”

We headed home around 7:30 and for the life of me can’t remember what we watched when we got there…I do know that I was wiped and it wasn’t long after 9pm that I hit the sack.

Sunday – Easter part 2! We were up bright and early (on our own, no alarm) and headed off on the drive to A’s parents (after a stop at Tim Horton’s for breakfast). We arrived around 11, shortly before the rest of the family did (I didn’t count but there were over 20 people and kids). We had a fabulous turkey dinner (boy are we lucky we didn’t have any repeat dinners!) and then chillaxed with the family until we left around 4pm. We got home around 7, had a light dinner of cheese and crackers and leftover veggies and dip, and again, for the life of me can’t remember what we watched. I know we watched a movie of some sort and description…hmmm.

Monday – Me day! A had to work, so I was on my own. I had a list of half a dozen things to do, and I’m happy to say I got them all done! I puttered around the house doing this, that and the other, quite enjoying myself. I started in on my craft for the baby and had a grand time with that! When A got home I put some chicken legs in to roast, put on a pot of rice in our rice cooker (I’m still trying to figure out the proper ratio of rice to water…the first batch I made was quite dry. This one was kind of mushy), and made up a veggie salad.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I could easily be a homemaker!

All in all it was a great weekend, with good food and even better family times! I hope everyone else had the same 🙂

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