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Friday – Except It’s Thursday – Ramblings

April 5, 2012

Since A and I are hopefully going to pull ourselves together and get some major work done around the house tomorrow (fingers crossed), and since today is my Friday, what with tomorrow being a holiday, here’s this weeks Friday Ramblings

On Babies…Plural…

My wee little gal is doing just fine! I had my monthly OB check up on Tuesday and all is well. She’s been kicking up a storm, though less than last week but that’s mostly because I was sitting/lying down ALL of last week and had more opportunity to feel her wiggling about.

My sister’s little guy, CK, is just adorable! We all love him to pieces and are thrilled to have a boy in our midst (boys are just as fun to shop for as girls, as my bank account unfortunately found out at Baby Gap). They were home from the hospital yesterday and we popped over last night to get a good visit in, considerately bringing pizza for the whole crew! Who wants to cook with a new baby?

CJ is handling her big sister role rather brilliantly, and my sister is encouraging her to participate in CK’s care. She love ‘helping’ to change his diaper so much that she proceeded to change all her dolly’s diapers too!

On Feeling Better…

This time last week I was feeling like death warmed over, wondering if I’d ever feel good again. The light at the end of the tunnel was quite dim, but over the past week it’s been getting brighter and brighter! I’m coughing less, blowing less and all around am feeling grand!

On Laundry Rooms…

A and I have a difference in opinion on laundry rooms. His belief is that they’re utilitarian and shouldn’t really have an aesthetic appeal. While that’s perfectly true,  I’ve been trying my darndest to get across that if the space is nice and welcoming, I’m more likely to enjoy doing the chores in that space. Once the baby comes, I’m going to be doing A LOT of laundry. I’ll be spending lots of time in our laundry room (which is in the basement and part of our renovation plans) and would like for it to be a lovely space. Hmm. I think I’ve nearly convinced him of why it’s important to me. Nearly.

On Easter…

It’s Easter this weekend, and while we’re not overly religious, such holidays are special to me because they mean spending time with family!

On Saturday we’re heading to my sisters where my mom will be cooking scalloped potatoes and ham (at least that’s what was on the menu last I heard). It’ll be much easier for my sister to have us there, rather than her having to pack up the kiddies.

Then on Sunday, A and I are heading to his parent’s place a few hours East and will have a big family feast there (Turkey!! Yes!!)! Which reminds me, I’m bringing a veggie tray…better hit up the store!

We won’t be staying overnight, since my poor hubby doesn’t get Monday off (he’s not too torn up about it…he LIKES going to work…I know, right? I married a strange one). As for me, I relish in every day I have off and hope to do a cross between chores around the house and spend time with my sister and the wee ones.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a fabulous weekend and for those who don’t, enjoy a lovely extra long weekend!

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  1. April 5, 2012 5:44 pm

    For a second there I thought you were announcing twins 🙂 Glad you are feeling better 🙂

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