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21 Weeks!

March 24, 2012

How Far Along? – 21 Weeks. It’s so weird to see the countdown as less than how far along I am now!

Size of Baby – from head to tow, around 10.5 inches and weighs 13 oz!

Gender – Still up in the air. Might be a girl, but we need a bit more of a firm answer before we’ll move forward with that. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday I’m hoping will confirm things. My doctor called back and there was no mention of the sex in the radiologists report, despite him having requested it on the requisition.


Today I'm sporting the Violet Beaureguard look 🙂

Maternity Clothes – Going shopping today! I need more warm weather tops.

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – Up 17 lbs, which seems like a lot to me but it’s only showing in my belly and my boobs so far 🙂 My boobs are HUGE!

Sleep – Not so good lately, though I’ve also been dealing with some post nasal drip and a cough that’s developed from irritation. Feels icky.

Movement – So much its crazy, though I’m starting to notice patterns where there’s a day of super active baby and then a day of quiet baby. Poor thing must exhaust itself!

Symptoms – Ugh, the dreaded round ligament pain was back this week. I could barely walk on Tuesday! But I forced myself to go for regular walks, and this Monday I start my pre-natal yoga class, which I’m hoping will help. Other than that, no other symptoms.

Cravings – Still sugar this week, though less intense.

What Do I Miss – Not a whole lot. Sleep I guess 🙂 OH and super hot baths. Mmmmm.

Nursery –I’ve been investigating glider/rockers. We think we’ve found one we like! It’s important for me that it look nice but also be comfortable for both A and I.

Emotions – I’ve been a bit cranky since I haven’t been feeling well the past few days. But otherwise no crazy outbursts or crying spurts.

Best Moment of the Week – The baby kicking A in the cheek as he tried listening to the heartbeat! So funny.

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