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20 Weeks!

March 18, 2012

I meant to do this yesterday, but we got caught up with a bunch of chores, and, well, I didn’t shower until 3pm and wasn’t keen on having my picture taken 🙂

How Far Along? – 20 Weeks – halfway there!!

Size of Baby – By the end 0f 20 weeks it’ll be a banana, which isn’t really helpful in my opinion because bananas come in a variety of sizes. Let’s just say the baby is around 6.5 inches crown to rump and approximately 10 ounces!

Gender – Still up in the air. Might be a girl, but we need a bit more of a firm answer before we’ll move forward with that. I have an ultrasound on the 27th I’m hoping will confirm things, unless my doctor gets back to me (I called to see if the radiologist’s report said anything).


Maternity Clothes – I’m noticing that the pants my sister gave me are getting tighter around the belly. Oh, there’s plenty of stretch there, but when I first got them the belly band was loose! I’m hoping to get out shopping this week and buy some tops. I’ve been using mine, but they’re starting to get a bit tight.

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – 15 pounds so far, which is just where I should be! It’s all belly and boobs at this point.

Sleep – Sleep is hit and miss. Some nights good, some nights bad. Last night I was awake for a couple of hours while the baby was kicking up a storm!

Movement – Lots and it’s getting stronger as the days go by. Our little munchkin is destined for a soccer team! I was concerned on Friday because the pattern of movement seemed to have changed, but yesterday I was it’s punching bag, so I worried for nothing!

Symptoms – I’m definitely in the famed 2nd trimester second wind. I feel great! Still tired, but overall feeling grand!

Cravings – Craved a bit too much sugar this week. I need to try and curb those sugar desires.

What Do I Miss – For the first time last night, I really wanted a beer. Maybe it’s because it was St. Patrick’s Day…

Nursery –I think I’ve narrowed down my colour schemes for a boy and for a girl. I’ll post about it later this week! I’ve started clearing out some of the books that currently reside in the room that will become the nursery.

Emotions – I haven’t had any spur of the moment crying scenes in awhile. Feeling good!

Best Moment of the Week – There are two: one is watching our munchkin wiggle around on the ultrasound screen. The second is the look on A’s face when he finally felt the baby move from the outside! Sheer amazement. Love.

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