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Friday Ramblings

March 16, 2012

On The Baby…

20 weeks today!!! We’re halfway there, which is absolutely insane to think about. The other day I was saying to A how great I feel right now! I must have caught that elusive 2nd trimester second wind everyone talks about. Whew!

On The Weather…

I hope I’m not jinxing things by mentioning it, but the weather has been amazing in Toronto this week! Temps in the high teens!! I can’t believe how warm it’s been and how we barely had a winter. I think we only had to shovel our driveway once this season.

On Our Garden…

With the weather warming up, I’m gearing up to do some gardening! I’ve got my spring veggie garden all planned out. I won’t plant until April (cool weather crops like broccoli, kale and beets), but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead! This weekend I’m hoping to buy some strawberry plants. They can be planted soon, as they’re cold weather hardy and need time to establish so they produce a crop on time. BFF B suggested a hanging basket for growing them, which I think is brilliant considering our little bunny is still hanging around (saw his footprints in the little bit of snow we had last week).

We’re going to be putting in another raised bed this year, this time a long narrow one against the fence for growing tall crops, like tomatoes and peppers. We found it difficult to access those plants in the 4′ x 8′ bed last yar, for pruning and harvesting. We’re going to focus less on growing canning tomatoes (Romas) and more on small varieties (cherry or grape) and varieties for using in sandwiches or on burgers. The market that is kitty corner to us sells giant baskets of Romas when they’re in season, and as we found out last year, even four plants didn’t produce enough yield to justify the intensive canning process.

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge with upkeep, considering I’ll be having our baby right in the middle of harvest season, but I think we’ll manage. At the very least we’ll have some fresh produce handy if we can’t make it to the store!

I have this vision of me outside tending the garden, with the baby napping in it’s carrier under an umbrella in the shade (note to self: we need an umbrella)….

On Home Renos…

With the baby arriving in a few short months, we have lots to do around our casa! This weekend we’re hoping to paint the upstairs hallway. Or rather, I’ll prep the area and A will paint. I’m going to try and avoid paint fumes if possible, even though we’ll get low VOC paint. It’s the first of several paint projects that need to happen. We need to paint the nursery, yes, but first we have to clear it out. It’s currently our spare room. The spare room will move into the bedroom that is currently our office. Which means we have to clear out the office, to make room for the spare room furniture. And where’s the office going to go? Eventually the basement, once it’s finished, but in the meantime we’ll set up A’s computer in our bedroom I think and box up everything else.

We also need to paint all three bathrooms, since for the past 7 years they’ve existed in their boring builders white state. Must. Have. Colour! Luckily they’re small spaces and won’t take much time.

On Books and TV…

I’ve been reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. It’s excellent! I’m almost finished it and can’t wait to start on the second. But I also want to see the TV series. I think it’s out on DVD or Blue Ray so maybe I’ll pick it up from the movie store as a rental.

I also really want to watch Downton Abbey. I’ve heard really good things about it from several people. Another one to rent!

And that’s about it for this Friday. I’m happy the week went by quickly.

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