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Weekend Wind-Up

March 13, 2012

I forgot to post yesterday.

Well, technically I remembered, but then I forgot. And then I remembered again and forgot again.

There is no cure. Apparently pregnancy brain begets baby brain and according to my friends can last for years!


We had a relatively quiet weekend, which was a significant contrast to the weekends leading up to and including the wedding. We had no firm plans, other than the idea that we would go to the movies (I had two free movies with my Scene points!).

Friday was my last day of vacation and I actually had the time and energy to make a hearty dinner of meatloaf and rice (used our new rice cooker to make rice…need to work on the rice to water ratio…their measurements made it too dry). Then we popped out to pick up a movie. We settled on Puss ‘N Boots and for whatever reason the guy at the store gave it to us for free!

Saturday morning we both puttered in the morning and then headed out early afternoon for a show! We chose to see John Carter on Mars in 3D. It wasn’t bad. A bit boring in spots. It’s not one I would watch over and over (there have been few movies like that lately, which is kind of sad). It was my first time watching a 3D movie, and my opinion? Meh. I kind of think it’s overrated and didn’t really suit this movie.

We had an easy dinner of chicken caesar wraps and popped out to Home Depot to get ideas for our basement reno. Then we came home and watched another movie (can you tell we were in relaxation mode?). This time we chose Johnny English Reborn, which was funny. There were some cute moments. How can there not be with Mr. Bean as the star?

Sunday was a bit busier with some household chores. Then my dad came over and we started talking basement renos! We (and by we I mean my dad and A) are hoping to start work on that soon! We really need the extra living space for when the baby comes. We have a three bedroom house, and currently use the two extra rooms as a spare room and an office. Well, the spare room will become the baby’s room and the office will become the spare room, so we need an office space. Also, the layout of our house combines the living room and kitchen, which is great because an open concept means I can be in the kitchen and still watch the kid, but it also means that the living room will become the kid zone. It’s not a huge space by any means and toys will quickly clutter it up, so we want to turn half the basement into a TV room/office. The other half will be storage and laundry. I’m so excited!

And there went our weekend, way too quickly. I’m back to work this week. I’m not going to lie, it was hard coming back after the domestic bliss of last week, but I only have a few more months and then I’m off on maternity leave for a year! That’s what I keep telling myself…

Oh, and I had my 20 week ultrasound this morning! Stay tuned for details on that!

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