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Weekend Wind-Up

February 27, 2012

I’m starting to get a little redundant I think, with my weekend wind-ups. But I suppose that’s to be expected, since our WEDDING IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!!!

Sorry. Didn’t meant to shout that 🙂

We were up to a lot of the same things we’ve been up to the past few weekends: wedding related errands! There are just a few things now that need to come together, but I’m hoping to have most of that wrapped up tonight. The rest of the week will be spent picking up things in the evenings (hoop skirt, tuxes, my cape…yup, I’m wearing a cape over my dress!) and the festivities kick off on Thursday night with a dinner at my parents which will include any relatives (from both sides) who happen to be in town then. I’m off work on Friday and have all of next week off as well.

Which reminds me, I need to pack for our honeymoon….where are we off to you ask? Well, I can’t give specific details, but we’re going to a resort up north for a few days. We’ve rented ourselves a lovely chalet with a wood burning fire place and hot tub (which I can’t enjoy, seeing as I don’t want to bake our baby, but A can have at it!). We chose not to go somewhere further or out of the country for a few reasons:

1. A only gets a couple of weeks vacation and we’d both rather him take that time when the baby comes.

2. I find traveling absolutely exhausting, even when I’m NOT pregnant. I usually need a vacation from my vacation! This way I can have a little time away and the the rest as a staycation to catch up on stuff. Love. and

3. It’s cheaper. We’re blissfully lucky to be emerging from our wedding debt free, thanks to the generosity of our parents. The last thing we want to do is blow a chunk of money on a fancy vacation, when we have a baby coming in August. Maybe if that wasn’t happening, we’d do something different. But it is (thank you cheesus) and we need to be responsible.

Whatever the reason, we’re both stoked about it and that’s what matters!

And wow, I just totally deviated from the weekend. It wasn’t entirely all wedding related activities. I whipped up the most amazing salad for dinner on Saturday night: romaine lettuce, red peppers, grape tomatoes, half an avocado, toasted pine nuts, and feta cheese topped with a balsamic dressing. It. Was. SOGOOD!

And of course, last night did happen to be the Oscars. I know it’s meaningless entertainment, but I love it. In honour of all the glam, skinny women, I whipped up a batch of brownies for A and I to share (he sat next to me with his computer so I wouldn’t be alone downstairs…such a sweet guy). We (I) watched a good chunk of the E! pre-show (how mad was Seacrest when The Dictator dumped the ‘ashes’ on him?? He deserved the best actor award for not losing it!) before switching over to CTV for the main event. I thought Billy Crystal did a good job. He’s always pretty funny when he hosts. I watched until 10pm, when Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor (well deserved, Captain Von Trapp!) and then hit the sack. I have the rest taped to scroll through over the next little while, though seeing how busy we are this week it may have to wait!

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