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17 Weeks!

February 25, 2012

How Far Along? – 17 Weeks

Size of Baby – About the size of a turnip (which at first I was like, WHAT? then realized they were talking about an actual turnip, not a rutabaga which I what I call a turnip and is a heck of a lot bigger…whew), around 5 inches crown to rump and 5 oz in weight 🙂

Gender – My ultrasound is on March 13th, so either then or a few days later, depending on the tech. My inkling is boy, but I had a dream the other night we had a girl (who, in a creepy dream-like turn of events was the size of my niece and talking to me at birth. Ouch!).


Maternity Clothes – Love them. Pull up pants with elastic waistbands are totally the wave of the future. Haven’t been shopping for more yet, just wearing the pants my sister gave me with my own tops, which still fit, though snug in spots. But I’m not afraid of showing off my bump! Oh, and a monument-us event occurred this week. I bought a new bra, and turns out I’ve gone up a whole cup size!! I’ve entered the realm of the D-cup.

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – Up another pound. Right on track.

Sleep – Sleep is off and on. I find that whenever I roll over I wake up, because it’s uncomfortable for my abdomen and groin muscles. Last night I woke up starving and had to have a snack in the middle of the night.

Movement – I’m 90% sure I felt our little munchkin kick me yesterday. It was quite distinctive!

Symptoms – round ligament pain, stuffy nose, baby brain like you wouldn’t believe.

Cravings – Chocolate milk. Last weekend I had to have one immediately, so we stopped at Tim Horton’s and I ordered the 500 ml size. I sucked that baby back in record time! I know regular milk would be better for me (sans sugar), but I want what I want! Oh and avocado. Yum!

What Do I Miss – Sleeping through the night, though I guess I have to get used to that 🙂

Nursery –I’m investigating colour palettes. I don’t want to go your traditional route. I’m using Pinterest to inspire me!

Emotions – It was a challenging week at work and we’ve got a lot happening in the next week, so on Wednesday night I had an emotional overload and totally broke down. But I felt all the better for it.

Best Moment of the Week – I think I popped! And my uterus has moved up for sure. No questioning it now!

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