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Ten on Tuesday

February 21, 2012

OMG, A math Ten on Tuesday!! Thanks to Chelsea for hosting.

ps. Weekend Wind-Up will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Since yesterday was a holiday for us here in Ontario, my weekend was extra long, and therefore extra stuff to write about!

0.01×10^2. What was your best/worst day in math class?

Oh Gosh, I don’t know. I was pretty decent in math. It wasn’t my least favourite class (*cough*gym*cough*).

20×10^-1. Who was your favorite/least favorite math teacher? Why?

To be honest, I can’t remember their names. There was one in grade 11 who was good…can’t recall who he was though, so obviously not that good.

3×10^0. Is it okay to be bad at math if English is more your thing?

Well, I went into a non-math based profession, but still use it now and then. I’d say as long as you have a working knowledge of basic principles, you’re a-ok if English is your thing!

0.4×10^1. How does this video make you feel?

Like laughing? Crying? There could be actual people out there who think that way 🙂

500×10^-2. What do you like/not like about math?

I like finding the answer. It’s like a puzzle! I’ve always liked puzzles.

0.006×10^3. What makes someone a nerd?

Society makes people nerds. If they have interests outside of the ‘norm’ (whatever that is) or that aren’t ‘popular’ (again, determined by the media and society), then that person is labeled a nerd.

7×10^0. Who is the nerdiest person you know?

I’m totally a nerd. And A is too! We’re totally nerdy together and love it!

80×10^-1. What is the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?

Um, I’ve seen every single episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. More than once 🙂

0.9×10^1. Do you think GraphJam is funny?

Meh. I’ve never come across it before. It’s amusing I guess.

10×10^1. Have you ever used math outside of school?

Absolutely! Just last week I had to calculate by what percent our storage will increase based on shelf square footage when we redo it this summer.

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