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16 Weeks!

February 18, 2012

How Far Along? – 16 Weeks

Size of Baby – About the size of an avocado

Gender – My ultrasound is on March 13th, so either then or a few days later, depending on the tech.


Maternity Clothes – Officially being worn! I’ve got my jeans on in the picture in fact. I started wearing the pants my sister gave me, and they’re a bit loose but with the belly band rolled down, they’re pretty darned good! And so comfortable. Oh and no loose fitting tops for me! I’m flaunting what I have. I think my tummy is adorable!

Stretch Marks – Not yet…fingers crossed!

Weight – Up another pound. I’m doing great!

Sleep – Sleep is off and on. I find that whenever I roll over I wake up, because it’s uncomfortable for my abdomen and groin muscles.

Movement – I may have felt it again. Still not sure, but it was another little ‘tap’ on my tummy 🙂

Symptoms – Still have ligament pain, though the area around my pelvis seems to be improving. I keep forgetting to mention the runny nose! For the past couple of months it’s been like I have a constant cold. I’ve been using a saline spray which helps a bit, but I’m blowing constantly! Who knew? I also may have had a resurgence in morning sickness earlier this week. I spent most of Monday morning at work in the bathroom throwing up. Good times. But on Tuesday, I was fine! So weird.

Cravings – This week I’m all about fruit smoothies. LOVE THEM! We’re going to go out and buy our own ingredients today so I”m not shelling out $5 at Jugo Juice every day anymore 🙂

What Do I Miss – I miss coffee this week. Not the caffeine part, but the taste of a really good cup of joe. Decaf is fine, but just doesn’t have the same flavour.

Nursery –I’m going through my resource/idea gathering phase right now. I need to scope out patterns because I think I’m going to attempt to make my own curtains and crib bedding (no bumper though; I don’t see the need).

Emotions – This week hasn’t been too bad. I think I’m riding the high of our wedding, which is in TWO WEEKS TODAY!!

Best Moment of the Week – Having someone I haven’t seen in awhile and who doesn’t know I”m pregnant, look at my little tummy and I could see him wondering “Is she pregnant or just getting fat?”! Haha!

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