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Weekend Wind-Up

February 13, 2012

It was somewhat of a lazy weekend, in the sense that practically no housework was done, other than laundry. But stuff did happen. Here are some of the highlights from our weekend:

Bachelorette Dinner! Since I’m pregnant, my sister is pregnant, three of my friends have wee kiddies (though one had to cancel because of a family emergency) and one friend was coming from the city and had to go back that night, we decided that the best thing to do to celebrate my impending wife-hood was to have a fun dinner out! I indulged in a strawberry daiquiri (virgin, of course) and had a very cheesy meal of spinach and goat cheese dip and then four cheese pizza with a balsamic/honey dipping sauce. It was yummy but I paid for it early the next morning. I totally threw up. But what’s a bachelorette without puking?

Though considering I’m still sick this morning, I’m beginning to wonder if either a) morning sickness has made a reappearance or b) I have a stomach virus. Hmm.

Dance Lessons! I’m not going to go into too much detail, but we had a good first lesson. We’ve settled on a style of dance and began learning the moves! We have a lot of practicing to do! Me, I need to work on not laughing when we mess up 🙂

Napping! I know, seems like a weird highlight but I was tired this weekend and had naps on both Saturday AND Sunday afternoon.

Bread! I actually managed to bake some bread this weekend. It turned out well, but I’m still having rising issues when I use a loaf pan. Going to have to investigate that.

Happy Monday everyone!

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