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Weekend Wind-Up

January 30, 2012

Whew! Do I ever feel free now that I’ve announced my pregnancy! Gosh. Now I can chat it up! Well, not this post. This post is all about wedding stuff! This weekend was chalk full of wedding-related activities!

After a rather low-key Friday night (I had a headache and ended up in bed at 8:30), I got up Saturday morning and got myself ready for my wedding hair and make up trial!

The place I’ve chosen is really amazing, a salon in the middle of nowhere! It’s a converted old house and the atmosphere is so laid back and welcoming. The girl who did my hair was super nice and very easy to work with on my vision for my wedding hair. I loved the end result! And my make up was really well done too, fresh and simple. Very much who I am.

I managed to keep my hair in long enough to show my sister and my mom, but Saturday was quite a nasty day weather-wise here in Ontario, with a horrible rain/snow mix and heavy winds. It didn’t last very long once I left the salon (she didn’t spray it like she will on the day of…nothing will be able to mess up my hair on my wedding day!).

While I was getting all dolled up and beautiful, A was off with his family helping his sister move into her new place! He made it home about 4:30, just in time to get himself all dolled up (ha!) for a night out with his dudes.

Me? I had my mom, sister and CJ over and we were joined by A’s mom. We had a nice dinner of President’s Choice Chicken Lasagna pies (quite tasty) and caesar salad, and then we all pitched in to put together the favours for my bridal shower. Even CJ helped by pouring jelly beans into the little boxes my mom found.

It soon became time for CJ to get home to bed, and so off went my sister and my mom. A’s mom and I settled ourselves in to watch The Change Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. It was quite good and funny, though a TON of swearing. I swear (ha) the f-bomb was dropped every two minutes! But Ryan Reynolds is hot and I love me a good ‘body switching’ kind of movie.

And that was just Saturday!

We woke up Sunday around 7:30, but after A’s parents left (his dad headed home and his mom headed over to help my sister set up for the shower), we went back to bed for a nap. I was pooped! Apparently I can’t sleep if A isn’t in the house and he got home at 1am. I may have to rethink our decision to spend the night before our wedding at different houses. I need my beauty sleep!

Feeling refreshed, I got up and dolled myself up again, this time for my bridal shower! The start time was 1pm and I arrived with my mom at 12:45.

My sister did an absolutely amazing job! She had lots of help from BFF B (who did the most adorable collages of pics of A and I), BFF B’s mom (who was a guest but pitched in!) and A’s sisters and mom, but the planning and organizing was all her. I know from experience how much work goes into planning a shower and it makes me choke up to think of how much my sister did for me. She’s a rock star!

By 1:30 most of the guests had arrived and I decided it was time to say a few words of welcome. I had been trying to think of a way to announce I was pregnant to my guests, and was going to try and incorporate it into a game, but I ended up just winging it. I’m totally a blurter! Here’s how it went down:

“Thank you all for coming! It means a lot that you came to my bridal shower, and hopefully in a few months you’ll be able to join me for my baby shower….”

Clapping and best wishes ensued! I was shaking as I made the announcement. It’s so weird telling people! But I had to do it early on, since, as BFF B noticed, I kept touching my belly and it’s mildly noticeable to people who know me that there’s more there than there normally is!

After that we all settled down to eat. My sister had arranged with a local grocery store for a couple of sandwich trays, a veggie and fruit tray and she heated up some spanikopita (which I adore) and veggie samosas for hot nibbles. For dessert she ordered the most amazing tasting cupcakes and she set up a chocolate fountain.

The games they chose were fun and low key:

  • A wedding word scramble
  • A Q&A about A and I
  • And she did one I’d never heard of before (and I’ve done a lot of showers!), where she put stickers on our  backs. Each sticker had the name of one half of a famous couple. You had to ask people questions to try and figure out who you were and then try and find your mate! Turns out I was A!! My mom accidentally gave it away. The funny part is that my ‘mate’ (me) was my friend A, and we’ve always said that if only one of us was a guy, we’d totally marry each other 🙂

We were really blessed when it came to the gifts that we received. A ton of stuff off of our registry, and a few things that weren’t that we’ll really enjoy in our home! (Kitty’s favourite was a catnip mouse toy from Aunt D! I came downstairs to find her sniffing in the gift bag that contained it. She spent well over an hour ‘playing’ and ‘killing’ her new toy and God knows how much of her night was spent chasing it around)

A arrived to make an appearance shortly before the party broke up and was then able to help clean up (thank babe!). We went home and vegged with a pizza and movie (Quantum of Solace) before hitting the sack. Both of us were wiped from our busy weekend!

33 days until we get married! I can’t wait!!

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