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Friday Ramblings

January 13, 2012

On It’s Finally January….

It’s snowing today! Finally. I know a lot of you are probably groaning about the current weather in Toronto, but I LOVE it! The lack of snow and warm (ish) weather over the past few weeks weirded me out. If it’s going to be cold, why not have snow on the ground so it’s at least picturesque while you’re freezing your bum off!


For those of you not familiar, the CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It’s been around forever and though in the past has had a very small viewership in favour of US stations and TV shows, I think they’ve come out with some decent shows in recent years. I took a sick day yesterday (my head was feeling super fuzzy) and watched Arctic Air, which had it’s first episode this week. It takes place in the Northwest Territories and stars Adam Beach, who is so adorable and I’ve been a fan for years. It was pretty good! I’ll definitely try and watch it again.

Last night, A and I sat down to watch another CBC show, the Republic of Doyle, which takes place in St. John’s, Newfoundland (where I used to live!). Guest staring was Alan Doyle, from Great Big Sea, and his buddy, Russell Crowe! Can I tell you how much I love that Russell Crowe was on a show set in Newfoundland?? Awesome!

Go Canadian TV!!

On Wedding Invitations…

It’s been a slow week on the wedding planning front, but we got a major task out of the way on Tuesday…Our invitations were mailed out! I love how they turned out and have already had some great compliments on them 🙂 It’s really happening people! This makes it real. We’re getting married!

On New Chairs at Work…

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. We just got new chairs at work and they are FABULOUS!! It’s the SAYL chair, designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller. I thought the chair I had before was good, but this one is beyond good! It supports me in all the right places. Yay!

Happy Friday all!

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