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Friday Ramblings

January 6, 2012

On Movies…

I love cheesy 80’s and early 90’s movies and I’ve made it a point to pick them up when I see them in stores. Amongst my collection is “My Stepmother’s An Alien” and “Like Father, Like Son“. Kind of random, but fun to watch! So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across “The Last Starfighter” the other day! And not just in DVD form, but Blue Ray! And only $12! I of course bought it. I watched it last night and it’s just as I remember. Love it!

On The Wedding…

Only 57 days until our wedding! We’ve got all the plans made. I now have to sit down and write up all our information, what deposits we’ve paid, how much we owe etc. and start working on a to do list for what we need to do moving forward. Like getting our marriage license! We tried to do it last Friday, but the municipal offices were closed.

On The Wedding Registry…

I have to stop looking at my registry, now that my bridal shower invites are out and people are starting to buy things…I would like to show a bit of surprise at my shower when opening gifts!

On Random Subway Occurrences…

I saw a guy playing hackey sack on the subway the other day. He was really going at it, even worked up a sweat! It was fascinating and yet bizzare at the same time. If he’d had a ‘boom box’ we might have been time warped to the 80’s!

On The Weird Weather in Toronto…

It’s six degrees in Toronto today. It’s a heat wave! And I’m not enjoying it. Mostly because it was still cold enough in the morning that I need my heavy winter coat, but at lunch time when I was out and about I just about died from overheating! Ugh. These temperature fluctuations (it was -21 earlier this week) are also a breeding ground for germs. Specifically for me, cold germs. My nose has been a bit sniffly the past few days and I’m hoping against hope that nothing comes of it! I had a huge glass of strawberry-guava juice at lunch (chock full of vit C) to stave off any nasties that may be crawling around my sinuses. Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. January 6, 2012 4:45 pm

    OMG, I totally looked at my registry online before my shower too! It’s so hard not to!

    And my head spun a bit when you said 6 degrees was a heat wave…I thought to myself, “OK I have to stop whining about it being 38 yesterday” when I realized….you’re talking Celsius, aren’t you? 6 degrees C would be about 42 F, so yeah, I’d call that a heat wave from negative anything! Hope you’re staying warm!

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