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Weekend Wind-Up

December 19, 2011

Well, Friday night was a write off. We watched a bit of a movie and I hit the sack early! End of story 🙂

Saturday though, was full of all sorts of happenings!

First I got up and headed out for my dress fitting. It was fast! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but 15 minutes wasn’t it. I put the dress on, she measured me for the lace-up back (my dress is an 8 and doesn’t quite do up in the back) and that was it! I go back again on the 14th of January for my second fitting and that’s when they do the hemline etc. I’m excited!!

Then I went back home, changed and within 20 minutes A and I were out the door to head off to a Christmas party for his mom’s side of the family. It was just over an hour drive and though cold, it was sunny and crisp. A lovely day! We had a fabulous turkey dinner and then a few of us played a round of Wizard. I was very close to winning!

We left mid-afternoon and on our way home stopped at the hotel next to our reception venue to try and book a block of rooms. I’m quite frustrated. I’ve called twice in the past week (three times including today) and went there once to leave a message and have yet to receive a phone call back! It is incredibly annoying. Stalker-like behavior, I know, but I just want to get those details arranged!


For the life of me, I don’t remember what we did on Saturday night…I think we played Minecraft. We’re both completely addicted and the sickness is spreading! A’s dad, his sister and her friend are all playing now….muah ah ah ah!

Sunday was a bit less busy. We did some Christmas shopping, first together and then I went out on my own. I’m totally done shopping for A. We need a couple more gifts for some key family members and then we’re done! Satisfied with myself, I went home and worked on compiling addresses for wedding and shower invitations, and then worked on designing the invitation myself!

I have Photoshop Elements and using colour, font and some of the brush shapes, have come up with a really great design! I’ve got the invitation and the R.S.V.P card finished, and the information page with directions etc. is almost done (just need that darned hotel information!). We’ll print at Staples, and voila! Inexpensive DIY invitations!

After that, well, the weekend was pretty much over!

Here we are on Monday. I’m working up until Wednesday and then I’m off until January 3rd! Christmas really came up fast! I had intended to do all sorts of holiday baking but alas, alak that did not happen. I’ll just have to rely on the kindness of others for my holiday sugar fix 🙂

Happy last week before Christmas!!

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