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Friday Ramblings

December 9, 2011

On Being Boring…

I feel like my blog has become super boring. I’m going to have to work on that…I’ve just been so busy lately with this, that and the other and the reality is that I’m happy! And let’s face it, happy is boring. Happy isn’t front page news (except when your engagement is on the front page of the local paper…which it was! How cool is that?). But we’ll see if I can do something to kick it up a notch. Might not be until after the New Year though. I’m in the midst of planning our wedding, which brings me to…

On Planning Our Wedding…

I’m having a ton of fun! All the details seem to be falling into place and I’m not stressed at all. We’ve been to a couple of venues and think we’ve found one we like for the reception. Over the weekend we’re scouting out ceremony locations. If everything works the way I hope it does, on March 3rd of 2012 A and I will be getting married!

It’s funny, I always thought I’d be hard to please when it came to planning my wedding. Not bridezilla, just particular. But here’s the thing: I just want to be married to A. The rest is trivial.

On Snow…

There was snow on the ground this morning when we left!! Snow!! Its mostly melted now, but I hope we get at least a little bit for Christmas (though not ON Christmas night or Boxing Day, since we’ll be traveling to A’s family then).

On Wedding Registry’s…

Do you know how hard it is to put together a registry?? It’s HARD!! So many options to choose from. Which style of dishes? Which brand of pots and pans? What colour towels? And then there’s considering the costs of things. How expensive do you go? We think we’ve narrowed it down on the important things, so hopefully this weekend we’ll get chance to go in and use the ‘gun’.

Hope everyone has a groovy weekend! Mine will be busy, but fun and hopefully a lot of wedding stuff will be figured out! Whee!

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