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Friday Ramblings

December 2, 2011

On The First Weekend In December…

Know what that means?? It’s time for the Christmas tree to go up and for our casa to be transformed into a Christmas wonderland!! We’re heading to A’s parents for the weekend to celebrate his sister J’s b-day (Happy Birthday hon!) but should be back on Sunday with plenty of time to ‘Deck our Halls’.

On Tradition…

What A doesn’t know yet, is that when putting up the tree, there is a tradition in our family to play a very specific Christmas music CD.

Babe, get ready for the musical stylings of “Alabama Christmas”!!!!

It’s happening.

On Friday Treat Day…

I’ve decided to re-institute Friday treat day! I used to have Starbucks for breakfast every Friday, as a treat to myself. Now that it’s Christmas season, I’m going to treat myself to a piece of cranberry bliss bar (which I’ve managed to abstain from having this week) every Friday until they don’t serve it anymore! I may have a dress to fit into in a few months, but there’s no reason to deprive myself!



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