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Hello! Long time no write!

November 16, 2011

Sorry for being MIA everyone! I ended up at the hospital Sunday evening and was treated for a bladder infection! Ugh. No fun. The worst part is that the last couple of days I’ve had a huge migraine as a reaction to the antibiotics. It took me down!
But this morning I woke up pain free so I’m feeling groovy. Tired, but groovy.

We had a pretty good weekend. The infection came on really quick, so it didn’t impact Friday or Saturday. Friday was date night to celebrate our luniversary. We had East Side Marios and then went bowling! I haven’t been bowling in ages! Neither had A. Neither had A and it showed with both our scores. Who won doesn’t matter. All that matters is the time we spent together.

Oh ok you pulled it out of me: I won!

Saturday we ran errands and then headed to my sisters for dinner with her and CJ. We didn’t stay too late; I was exhausted, probably from the bladder infection that was beginning.

Sunday was cleaning and laundry day. A went off to help my dad with a few things while I did some major organizing in our room. It went well but I progressively felt worse and worse as the day wore on and by the time we were at my parents for dinner, I was miserable.

Of course it was Sunday night and all the walk in clinics were closed. But having had a bladder infection before, I knew it would get worse without drugs and that the drugs would kick in quickly; I didn’t want to miss work. So off to the emergency room we went!

We were really lucky. We were in and out within an hour and a half. Extremely fast considering the state of our health care system! A quick stop at the drugstore to pick up my prescription and we were home by 9pm.

But I ended up missing work anyways, two days in fact, because of the headache I developed from the pills. Frustrating! And painful. I was quite zombie like and not coherent at times.

I feel loads better today and am looking forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled programming! I hate being in pain 😦

Hope everyone’s week is off to a better start than mine!

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