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Weekend Wind-Up

November 7, 2011

It was a busy weekend for us! It’s been awhile since we’d visited A’s family, so off we went to their place Friday evening, picking up A’s sister J (and a pizza) on the way.

We arrived just before nine and had a good catch-up visit before heading off to bed. Friday’s are never a late night for me (come to think of it, no nights are late nights for me anymore).

Saturday morning we awoke and took our time getting ourselves together. Around noon-ish the rest of the crew ( A’s sister C, her hubby and daughter) arrived, bringing with them A’s brother-in-law’s sister and HER family. Quite the gathering! We had a yummy turkey dinner (so awesome to have turkey on a non-holiday!) and had a celebration for A’s dad, who’s b-day was last week.

For something a little different, C put together a little scavenger hunt! It was beautiful outside, so it was nice to have an outdoor activity. We divided into three teams and our challenge was to find fabric tags in the colour assigned to our team following the map we were given. My team won! Though one of our team members was accused of cheating. But the rest of us were innocent! I swear! Our prize was a jar of candy (eek), which we of course shared with everyone.

The rest of the day was spent playing cards and spending time with the fam. I wasn’t feeling the greatest towards the end of the day and took an antihistamine (in the form of neocitran), which completely knocked me out! I was ‘encouraged’ to go to bed at 9pm. A actually threatened to carry me up the stairs (he can do it too, swoon!).

We were up, somewhat well rested because of the time change, at 7am (really 8am, so I had nearly 11 hours of sleep. Drugs rule!). Big breakfast was served a little bit later (french toast and bacon) and then we got ourselves ready to head to b-day celebration #2, this time for A’s niece, who turns two later this week.

It was a lovely party, with pizza, cake and finger painting! What else do you need? Little A seemed to enjoy herself, and will have a great time enjoying her presents (we all seemed to have ESP when it came to  buying her gifts; she really made out with colouring books and crayons!).

We were home around 6 and vegged for the rest of the night on our respective computers  (we missed playing Minecraft…more on that later this week I hope! It’s the BEST game!).

So here we are, Monday morning and I’m starting a detox of sorts: I’m going to try and not eat any sweets for the rest of the month. That means no baked goods, cookies, chocolates etc. I’m going to have to limit my experiments in baking for a few weeks, but it should be worth it. My skin has been paying the price of too much sugar lately. I’ve been breaking out like crazy!

The one exception will be at CJ’s birthday party in a couple of weeks…she would totally be offended if I didn’t have cake to celebrate her 2nd birthday!

Once December hits, detoxing can kiss my bum! That’s the start of Christmas season, my favourite time of year, and I want to enjoy myself!

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