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Friday Ramblings

November 4, 2011

On Being Lucky…

A and I had dinner the other night with one of my best friends, A (ha…this is where the anonymity thing gets confusing). It was her first time meeting him (so sad, since it’s been almost 10 months, but life is busy!) and we had a great time! She texted me after to say how lucky I was to have found such a good guy.

Ain’t that the truth!

On My Artistic Abilities…

Every now and then, when I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I have the urge to paint. In my head I envision myself creating a masterpiece. That probably would not be the case. I’m not really great at creating art. I’m more of a pattern following type of girl, which is why knitting and sewing work well for me. But maybe someday I’ll try my hand at it.

On the West Wing…

I’m addicted to watching the West Wing. The writing is excellent, the actors are fabulous and Rob Lowe is HOT. We just put a TV in our bedroom and I’ve been watching and episode or two before going to bed. So good!

On my Appearance Today…

I somewhat resemble the female version of Where’s Waldo today…check it:

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