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Ten on Tuesday

October 25, 2011

Some of this weeks Ten on Tuesday questions don’t apply to me, so not all of them are answered…

1. What is the worst compliment you have ever received?
Hmm. That’s a good one. The one thing that comes to mind is a compliment that was directed at my mom, myself and my sister. Someone told my mom we were so pretty and she wondered where we got it from….ya. Nice.

2. Did you/would you tell everyone the name of your baby before they were born, keep it a secret, or not choose until after they were born?

3. What is your favorite candle smell?
I have this candle at home that smells like sandalwood. I love sandalwood!

4. What is the best birthday/Christmas gift you received when you were pregnant or the best birthday/Christmas gift you gave a pregnant person that was really appreciated?

5. Who was your favorite teacher?
My grade 8 teacher, Miss P, who ironically was the teacher I had in grade 5 and didn’t like.

6. What is the best game/activity you have ever played at a baby shower?
At M2’s shower last spring there was a take off on the Price is Right! Brilliant!

7. What was your major in college and did you end up using it in your career?
I majored in archaeology but decided not to become an archaeologist (too much school!). I work in the arts now so its somewhat related.

8. What is a beauty product you swear by?
Under eye concealer. A must have.

9. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
I always think of when my sister and I were in NYC. You always here of New Yorkers being rude and in a rush, but when we were in the subway, unsure of where we were going, a nice business man took the time to help us figure out our stops. Certainly gave us a good impression of New York!

10. If you could recommend one new baby necessity, what would it be?

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  1. October 25, 2011 5:05 pm

    Hi there! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments regarding my bread making efforts.

    Ironically, I discovered the exact same recipe book…I found the master boule recipe and thought that would be the perfect place to start…especially with 3 little ones underfoot! No time for kneading!

    Mine came out dense…missing the airholes…any idea what I might have done wrong? I swear I followed the directions to the letter. Still, it was good! Bread is bread when you’re hungry!

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