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Weekend Wind-Up: Thanksgiving Edition!

October 11, 2011

I’m still reeling from how beautiful the weather was this past weekend! We had record breaking highs in Southern Ontario, reaching over 25 degrees Celcius on some days! Insane!

It made for a really enjoyable weekend full of family and turkey 🙂

Me in my cool over-the-glasses sunglasses...the less expensive version until I save enough for prescription ones!

Saturday, A and I packed ourselves up and made the two hour trek to my sister’s cottage. It was a stunning drive, full of sunshine and fall colours. I ached to take pictures, but if we’d pulled over every time I wanted to take a shot, we’d still be en route!

We made it there in good time, joined by my sister, her hubby and CJ, her in-laws and my parents. We then spent the whole afternoon lounging on the deck drinking wine, eating cheese and watching CJ toot around. She’s better than a TV!

The ‘bird’ made it to the table in fine form, complemented by the usual suspects: riced potatoes, brocoli and cheese casserole and mashed turnip and carrots. I was asked to bring a squash dish, and found a recipe on Whole Foods for Butternut Squash with Le Gruyere . It was quite tasty, and really easy to make.

After dinner we literally collapsed onto the couch. We roused ourselves long enough to have dessert (pie and treats) and to play a game (Things in a Box), but Mr. Turkey did his job and we were all ready for bed shortly after nine. Party animals!

Sunday morning we woke up to find the power out (it happens up there) but there was a wood fire already going and the gas stove allowed us to make plenty of coffee until the power came back on and breakfast could be had.

A and I packed ourselves up after breakfast and headed home, to an afternoon of chores and shopping, followed by a quiet evening in. I had bread to bake in anticipation of Monday’s festivities!

On our way out we came across my sister and CJ on a walk, and they had a friend with them! He must have gotten loose from a nearby cottage

On Thanksgiving Monday, A and I had our siblings over for a turkey dinner! There were 10 of us  altogether (plus two toddlers), including A’s sister C’s in-laws. Everyone pitched in and brought food, which was incredibly helpful. I was responsible for ham and bread. Everything turned out quite well, and we even managed to get 10 people in our wee dining room! (We brought in the table from the kitchen to accommodate everyone.). Since there were toddlers involved, and some drove from a couple hours away, we had an early dinner and by 5:30 everyone had left to go home. I took next to zero pictures, since I was busy in the kitchen most of the day. In hindsight I should have given someone the camera…

Still, a great weekend!


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  1. October 13, 2011 3:06 pm

    What a great looking weekend! And I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who puts regular sunglasses over the prescription ones. I’m too cheap right now!

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