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Friday Ramblings

September 30, 2011

On My Personality…

A totally nailed me last night! And I don’t mean in the way that your dirty minds are thinking. I mean, that he came up with a very apt analogy for how I think sometimes:

“You’re like a magnet when it comes to ideas. Either you snap to it right away or your repel against it”

I laughed because it’s so true! I do have definite ideas about how things should be and am resistant against new ideas initially, but if you give me a bit of time, I’ll come around.

Most of the time 🙂

On Women’s Fashion…

Grown women should not wear bows in their hair. End of story, that’s a wrap.

On Rude People…

I don’t know if he was in a rush or genuinely didn’t see what was in front of him, but a man pushed through a turn-stall at the subway this morning, just as a visually impaired man with a seeing-eye-dog was trying to go through. Obviously the blind man couldn’t see that the guy was coming, so he kept going but so did the other man! Shoved right into him.

On How Cute My Niece Is…

One of her favourite games is Hide and Seek, where her idea of hiding is to pull a blanket over her head and have you guess where she is…

Aunt C: Where’s CJ??? I can’t find her anywhere! Is she……in the kitchen?

CJ: (in a quiet, muffled voice)…nooooo

Aunt C: Hmm, I wonder where she could be!? Is she….in the living room?

CJ: ….noooooo

Aunt C: I know, I bet she’s….IN THE BEDROOM!!! (pull away blanket/pillow/whatever she’s covered herself with)

CJ: Giggle, giggle….Mo’!! Mo’!!! Hide!



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