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Weekend Wind-Up

September 26, 2011

It was tough getting up this morning. Really tough. I’m not sure why, since I went to sleep at a decent hour and only woke up once. Could be that our weekend was jam-packed full of stuff!! Ready for it?

Here we go…

Friday night A picked me up at the train and we headed to my parents for a birthday dinner for my Dad. My sister and CJ were there and I swear, I’ve never seen a busier child than CJ. She is all over the place! I managed to keep her occupied in one place for a good 20 minutes, by giving her my wallet where she proceeded to remove every single card (though unfortunately not my drivers license, which is completely stuck. I though her wee fingers might pry it out!) and even offered my Dad the twenty bucks I had in there. Happy Birthday Poppy!

Saturday morning we lounged around for a bit before pulling ourselves together to make a trip to IKEA.

I love IKEA.

We spent hundreds of our future money, gathering ideas and planning for things to come, but in the end we walked away with just a picture frame ($10), a metre of fabric ($14) and a chocolate bar ($1).

Lunch at Wendy’s (yum!) and a trip to Lee Valley (where we found all sorts of things to add to our Christmas lists) rounded out our trip to the city, and we headed home.

We stopped into Metro on our way back to pick up some yeast, where we found the best bargain of the fall:

Buy one whole chicken, get one free!!

And not only that, but they were a decent price. We bought four, only paying for two, which was around $20. Four whole chickens for $20. Cheese and toast. It makes me a bit giddy to think of it.

So you’ll never guess what we had for supper that night….roast chicken? How’d you know?!

Sunday arrived, which is always bitter sweet. On the one hand, yes, it’s another day off, but on the other, you only have one more day off. Le sigh. Still, lots to do!

I got up and prepped my dough to go into the oven. I decided to try the 100% whole wheat recipe for the first time. It worked out pretty well, though the resting time is double, as is the baking time. However, it’s a much healthier bread, so that’s the trade off I guess. I used loaf pans this time, rather than the free form loaves. The only kink is that I used glass bread pans, which normally isn’t an issue, but this dough is very wet and sticky and I had quite the time getting the loaves out, despite having greased them up pretty well in advance.

Once the bread was done, we popped a roast into the slow cooker and got down to the business of the day: canning tomatoes.

Towards the end of last week, I managed to collect around 9 lbs of roma tomatoes from our garden. Since the remainder won’t ripen for awhile, my plan was to buy a bushel from the local market to supplement ours, but when we got there on Saturday, they were gone. There one week, gone the next. Bummer.

I had wanted to make a marinara sauce to preserve, but 9 lbs wouldn’t go very far in sauce form, so I revised my plan: We would can whole tomatoes instead. With that 9 lbs, we could get at least 3 quarts. The whole process was a bit labour intensive, but went smoothly. I’ll post about it in a bit more detail later this week, but take a look at the fruits of our labour:

We had a few other things to preserve, including a bunch of chili peppers (which we hung up ristra style) and a handful of hot peppers (which we – A – chopped up to be frozen). Easy peasy stuff!

Once that chore was done, we were wiped out! I sat on the couch for a good couple of hours, waiting for the water to boil and the tomatoes to process (they need to boil for 85 minutes). When they were finally finished, we set out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon by taking a walk around our neighbourhood.

Fall is my favourite season! I love the weather, I love the colours. Everything about it is fabulous.

Everyone else swam away when we got close, but this guy showed no fear!

And it’s Monday once again. I hope everyone’s week is off to a groovy start!

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