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Weekend Wind-Up

September 19, 2011

Got tomatoes?

We do! We have quite the harvest coming in. We’re picking ripe ones daily and I’ve been racking my brain with ideas on how to use them up. I’m hoping that this weekend the roma’s will be ready and we’ll finally get to preserve some!

I would have to say that the highlight of our weekend was the ‘Great Family Meet’. My parents had already met A’s parent’s but we’d yet to get our siblings, brothers-in-laws and nieces in on the action, so we joined forces for a BBQ at my parents.

Everyone contributed, food-wise and we had quite the feast of BBQ’d ribs and chicken thighs, potato salad, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber salad and bread (made by moi). I made bruschetta for an appetizer and think it turned out quite brilliantly! I’m super proud of the fact that I made the baguette and that the ingredients for the tomato mixture, with tomatoes, red pepper, basil and mint, all came from our garden! The one exception was the garlic. Maybe I’ll put that on my list to try growing next year…

Dessert was a really yummy apple pie (a la mode if you so desired, which of course, I did), fruit and cookies. A’s sister C took the initiative and created her own dessert:

The Ice Cream Sandwich. Genius.

The obvious centre(s) of attention were our nieces, CJ and Little A. They are only a couple of weeks apart in age and oh so cute! They weren’t quite sure what to think of each other, but warmed up after awhile. All in all, a great afternoon!

The rest of our weekend was great, though mostly composed of house cleaning and errands. A and I popped out for a few things on Saturday afternoon and ended up at our local market that opened up in July. It’s apple season and these are about as local as we can get…the apple orchard is literally a five minute walk from our house! In theory we could go over under the cover of darkness and help ourselves, but we’re honest folk 🙂

We’ll munch on these for the next week or so! And maybe I’ll try making an apple pie myself. Hmmm….

I did manage to do some cooking on Saturday, which was a welcome relief to our tummys. Neither A nor I were feeling great all last week and we relied mostly on leftovers and restaurant fare for our dinners. Nice at the time, but it gets old real fast. Since I was feeling somewhat kitchen deprived, I spent a whole 2.5 hours cooking up a storm!

I made Savory Corn Creme Brulee, from the Tasty Kitchen web site. It wasn’t bad, though since we didn’t end up eating until close to 8pm, I didn’t take the time it suggested to let it cool. I think it would have been better if I’d let it sit for a bit. Ah well. A hungry C is an impatient C.

And to use up some of our tomatoes, I made Quinoa and Zucchini  Stuffed Tomatoes from The Healthy Kitchen cookbook by Andrew Wail and Rosie Daley (though I just found in on Oprah’s site through a google search. Who knew?). These were actually really tasty, though in one of those random as-you’re-lying-in-bed-waiting-to-go-to-sleep-pop-into-you’re-head kind of thoughts, I realized last night that I’d used too much lemon juice.

I tweaked it a bit and instead of using parmesan on top, used the four cheese Italiano mix I had left from making lasagna last weekend. The more cheese, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Mo’ cheese, mo’ tasty.

I shall leave you with a very lady-like pic of my kitty, who seems determined to sleep everywhere on our sofa except on the cushion where I’ve put a towel for her to lie on.

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