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The Great Placemat Adventure

September 14, 2011

I know, I’m a bit of a loser for enjoying this too much, but if you can’t enjoy the little things in life, what’s the point?

Saturday morning I woke up with a mission: I needed new placemats.

I was hosting a little dinner party that night and realized that I didn’t have six matching place mats! So once we’d done some tidying up, off I headed on my mission. A opted to stay home, which was a wise decision on his part because if you’re familiar with me in any way at all, you might know that when I have an idea in my head, I can’t shake it. It latches on and won’t let go until it’s completely satisfied.

I’ve literally searched entire countries for things.

Side note: I once wanted this jacket from Zara. I saw it in Italy but they didn’t have my size. I searched all the stores in Toronto and nothing. I ended up finding it in San Francisco on a trip for work. Countries people!! I searched three countries for that jacket!

Anyways, my idea for placemats was turquoise. I wanted colour, and silly me, didn’t think it would be that hard to find something colourful.


Oh so very wrong.

I went to Homesense, thinking they’d have the perfect thing. Nada. Pier 1 Imports. Nope. Walmart, Canadian Tire, Bouclair. Nothing. Only fall colours were to be found. There’s nothing wrong with fall colours, and I considered a nice orange or a muted green, but IT’S STILL SUMMER!! It’s still 25+ degrees outside! We still have at least 12 hours of sunlight a day! Why, oh why, is it so hard to buy things in the actual season you want them for?!

And never mind the price! $4-8 each! Call me cheap frugal, but I didn’t want to spend that much.

I didn’t want to drive around all afternoon. I had to get home and finish up my chores! I had one more option before heading home: The Real Canadian Superstore (aka Loblaws). They always pull through in a pinch! I needed to pick up something for lunch anyways. I parked, walked in over to the home section and……my heart sank. Nothing brighter than a rusty red. What??? Even Galen Weston Jr. let me down.

Dejected and disappointed in the world for sticking with seasonal colours rather than thinking outside the box, I started heading towards the frozen foods section (only pizza could console me)

But then, a miracle! Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a row of shelves filled with summer colours. The clearance rack! And there, right on the end was a thick pile of summer placemats. Even before I sorted through them I saw the ones I wanted. Various shades of turquoise and white in a striped pattern. Simple, fun, COLOURFUL.


But how much were they? I searched for a price tag and my heart nearly stopped…..


Yup, that’s right. They were only one whole dollar each!!! I almost cried. I love bargains. I’m pretty sure I said something out loud because a few people looked over at me. Whatever! I was getting six placemats for six bucks!!

I picked out six, held onto them for dear life, grabbed a pizza (also the perfect celebratory food) and headed to the cash, where the bargain got even sweeter.

They scanned at only .80 cents each.




The lesson here boys and girls? Never give up. I certainly don’t 🙂

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