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Weekend Wind-Up – Labour Day!

September 6, 2011

There were some definite themes to this Labour Day long weekend…


Why is it that long weekends seem to turn off the ‘eat responsibly’ switch in my brain, mentally giving me license to eat like a bad ass? We had pizza out on Friday night (for L’s b-day!!), burgers out on Saturday for lunch, pizza slices for lunch on Sunday, dinner out on Sunday night (guess what we had? PIZZA!!) and then leftover ‘za for breakfast on Monday. Le Sigh. I weigh three pounds more this morning than I did on Friday. And I didn’t even mention the Lime and Coconut Crumble squares I made (more on that later this week) that we polished off over the course of two days!

I need to detox.


A and I sat down and watched a few movies together…

Zombieland – so much fun! Totally gory and gross but also funny and sweet. I actually cried at some parts!

The A-Team – we enjoyed this immensely! A ton of action, cute humour and a touch of unrequited love. Perfect!

Mars Needs Moms – This was good, though I was exhausted watching the first half and had to stop for a nap before finishing it, so I may not have enjoyed it as much as I could have. But it was cute and again, there were parts where I cried. When don’t I cry at movies??

Trash TV

For a 24 hour period, I was addicted to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is what happens when your boyfriend is otherwise occupied on the computer, you’ve finished your book,  and only have basic cable where E is the most entertaining channel. I watched Bruce give Kendall and Kylie a sex-ed talk. I watched Kim freak over psoriasis (they acted as if it was herpes!). I watched Scott be a d-bag to Kourtney. I watched Khloe say inappropriate things to her family members.  I watched Kris ignore her husband and talk about changing her name, then alternately watched her harp on him for losing his hearing.

It was fascinating! But I think I’m over it.


I think the walks we took on the weekend are the only thing keeping me from feeling like a bloated mess this morning.

Walk #1 was down by the lake on Saturday evening. It was lovely, but a tad muggy. However, we discovered a lovely  path through the woods we’d never taken before, and were lucky that at that time of night it was fairly quiet and isolated.

Walk#2 was at a local conservation area. We followed one of the longer trails, and at one point thought we’d lost it, but turns out we’d been on it the whole time! There was no danger of getting lost. It’s not a large conservation area and bordered by busy roads on all sides. It was a lovely forest but I can’t believe that already the leaves are starting to turn on the trees!


Last week I picked up Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It’s a Young Adult book, but man, I loved it! It’s the first in a trilogy set in the future where a new country and culture has developed after North America was destroyed. The Hunger Games are staged in an attempt to create fear and quell rebellion amongst the masses. It’s basically a survival of the fittest type of game for contestants between the ages of 12-18, and wow. Amazing!  I can’t wait to get the second and third books!

I also started re-reading the Twilight series a couple of weeks ago. I finished off Twilight and started in on Eclipse. New Moon seems to be missing from my library, but I think my sister has it (?). This is all in preparation for the first half of Breaking Dawn which comes to theatres in November. I’m not a huge fan of the movie adaptations (Robert Pattinson is so not appealing to me at all), but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch them!


We are finally, FINALLY starting to see some red action in our sweet peppers.

Chili peppers, already turned!

Whew! I was getting worried, especially with the cooler weather that September has brought. I feel like our garden is behind in terms of harvest, but we did plant a month later than suggested. Our cucumber plant bit the dust (the powdery mildew) and so we hauled it out. The zucchini isn’t far behind, but I’m giving it a bit more time.

In another week or so, in place of the zucchini and cucumber, I’m going to plant beets! I started them from seed inside and am hoping that they’ll take once transplanted.

Beet seedlings

The lettuce and swiss chard I started from seed will go in once the tomaotes finish. These are all cool weather crops and should do well until the end of October, unless we get a really intense cold snap.

And all of that makes us seem very busy, but the reality is that it was a nice, quiet and relaxing weekend. I even had a nap on Monday afternoon!

I wish every weekend was a long weekend….Hope everyone had a safe and happy Labour Day!

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  1. Sarah permalink
    September 8, 2011 1:11 pm

    Jodi, Jason and I are totally addicted to “keeping up with the K’s”…. It’s trash at its finest!

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