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Weekend Wind-Up

August 29, 2011

Wow, was I ever channeling my inner Susie Homemaker on the weekend…I LOVED it!

First things first though, a little spontaneity: Friday night ended up being date night! We’ve been keeping our outings to a minimum lately, especially after being on vacation (cha-ching!), but decided to have a night out at the movies. I took the subway and met A at Scarborough Town Centre and after a spot of shopping (for some reason I’m hearing this as a British accent in my head as I type), we headed to the the-ah-ta to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 

Now, I’ve seen the original Ape movies and I’m not talking about the remake years ago with Marky Mark. I’m talking about the Charleton Heston shirtless “Damn you dirty Apes” version from the 60’s and the numerous sequels that followed. Fabulous B movie type of stuff. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is meant to revamp the series, so it has a different story line but the premise follows that of the original Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, which starred Victor Newman (from Y&R!) and explains how the apes took over the earth. Cool! We both enjoyed Rise a lot. The CGI was amazing! It’s getting harder and harder to tell real from animated.

And that was our fun for the weekend.

Kidding! The rest of the weekend was fun, but in a different way. Since Saturday was so nice out, it was outdoor chores day. We staked tomatoes, mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges in the front garden and I hauled out my Bee Balm, which developed some sort of disease over the summer. I then planted some seeds for indoor growing, in hopes that I can still get a fall crop in. We shall see!

The most exciting thing though is that one of our hot peppers is starting to redden! Thank goodness. I was beginning to worry! Hopefully the rest won’t be far behind.

Sidenote: Our zucchini developed powdery mildew. Not bad for us, but bad for the plant. It slows down production :(. But  I read an article that suggests using a milk solution once a week to keep the mildew at bay! A good, healthy alternative to fungicides. I’ve noted it for next year!

Once the gardening etc was done, I came inside to do some tidying up and prepped my dough for the bread I baked on Sunday (more on that later in the week…it deserves a post of it’s own!). A light supper of baked salmon with a vegetable salad (using cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from our garden!), followed by a not-so-light but oh-so-tasty dessert of Apple Crumble Cheesecake (store bought…there are only so many hours in a day) we ate while catching up on some TV, finished off a lovely Saturday.

On Sunday I found myself unexpectedly on my own. A went off with my dad to help him with some bathroom renos he’s doing for a co-worker (my dad is not your typical banker! he’s quite handy with tools and stuff) and I had the whole day to myself. I started off just sitting on the couch, but after seeing that my movie options were either Hildalgo or Spice World (basic cable, cheap though it is, has it’s drawbacks), I got up and started doing stuff.

I cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the cutlery drawers. I even cleaned the cutlery. I put on a crock pot of chili. I started vacuuming but our vacuum overheats easily and had a break from that when it stopped suddenly on the stairs. While it was cooling off I cleaned the bathrooms. Then I baked my bread (oooh, I’m so excited to tell you about the bread!!). And then I finished vacuuming, just in time for it to shut off again. I wonder if I mention Dyson enough in my blog they’ll find me and offer to give us this. It’s the vacuum we really, really want since we have a kitty in the house.

Dyson. Dyson. Dyson.

I sat down to watch Property Brothers on W (one of the most exciting channels we still have) for an hour to wait for A to get home, and once he did, we were off again to my parents for supper with my sister and her family.


Whew! What a busy weekend, but in no way do I feel like I was too busy or that all I did was chores. I’m in my element people! And loving every second of it.


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