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Newfoundland: Our Final Days

August 28, 2011

After two really beautiful days, we woke up Wednesday morning to find that the fog that had been threatening the day before had moved in and was there to stay. For the rest of our trip, the fog was present and accounted for!

But we didn’t let that slow us down! After a slow day on Wednesday just relaxing around the house, we decided to take a trip down the Irish Loop on Thursday. It was quite the drive and we were lucky that for the first half of the loop the sky was overcast but the fog had drifted off. Not so the case for the second half of the loop! Once we passed Trepassey (where we stopped for lunch and I had my last meal of cod tongues), it was basically driving home with little stopping along the way, since we could barely see any of the beautiful scenery (I’ve been before, so I know it’s beautiful. I promise!).

At one point, we were nearing a town when lines starting appearing on the road exactly one kilometre apart.

5, 4, 3…

2, 1…zero!!

And what was at the end of the countdown? The veterens centre along with an interpretation centre. Way to grab our interest!

The rocks were smoother in this part of the island. More exposure to the open wind across the Atlantic  I suppose.

At one point, we headed across the barrens. It was basically a half hour of this:

It’s not nicknamed The Rock for nothing!

And this was the rest of the drive:

On the way back, we stopped in Harbour Grace to see up close this ship that was let loose from it’s moorings and ran aground in 1967. Very cool!

While we were there, I learned something I never knew before about Newfoundland, and that is that Amelia Earhart took off from Harbour Grace airport to complete her first solo across the Atlantic! Who knew?

Friday was another day of taking it easy, especially since we’d been out the entire day before. My Aunt L arrived at her place that night (the same house my dad grew up in! she uses it for weekend getaways) and we had a good visit with her before hitting the sack (we had many early nights that week! The fresh air is exhausting!).

Saturday we got up and got ourselves ready to head back into town. Since we had an early flight the next morning, we were staying with my Aunt L in St. John’s. Plus, we had yet to get A screeched in, so that was on the agenda for the evening!

First things first though, we took the long, scenic drive back, driving through the winding roads in and out of all the small towns along the way. Before going to my Aunt L’s, we stopped to visit one of my oldest friends, S and her family. S and I have known each other since we were 5 years old; we were fast friends in Kindergarten and even though I moved to Ontario when I was 7, we have stayed in touch all this time. I make sure to visit, even if it’s a short one, whenever I’m back.

Heading to my aunts at last, we dropped off our things and then the three of us headed to my Aunt P’s for dinner (um, have I mentioned that my dad has four sisters and three brothers?? Ya. We have an insanely BIG family). My Uncle W BBQ’d, wine was opened and by the time the five of us headed down to George Street to have A screeched in, all but one of us were somewhat more than tipsy. And neither A nor I were that one. 🙂

The screech in process is entertaining. The ‘candidates’ line up at the bar, with a shot of screech (rum) in front of them. They’re welcomed, introduce themselves and the bartender proceeds to have them drink the shot, kiss a puffin (sometimes it’s a cod), and asks them to repeat a phrase said in what I consider to be ‘high Newfie’, an exaggerated Newfie accent.

So now my love is an honorary Newfie, and our trip was at an end. The flight home was unfortunately delayed and that was rather awful. But it didn’t dim the fabulous and relaxing time we had. There’s still so much more to see and do, but we’ll be back!

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