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Play Time

August 26, 2011

I took Thursday afternoon off for a doctor’s appointment. Once that was over and done with, I picked up my mom and we headed up to my sister’s to spend time with her and CJ. Yay!

Five minutes after we arrived, CJ was grabbing my hand, pulling me towards the stairs, saying ‘Kissie, play now. Play now!’

So upstairs we went, where my sister has a little playroom set up for her. We sat on the floor and played for awhile, when suddenly CJ pops up (she’s a popper. Nothing slow about her!), grabs my hand and….

CJ: Ok

CJ starts pulling me towards her room

Aunt Chrissie, aka ‘Kissie’: OK what? Where are we going?

CJ: Bed. OK Kissie.

Aunt C: OK

We arrive in her bedroom

CJ: Sleepy

She pulls me towards her bed

Aunt C: Oh, OK, is it time for Aunt C to have a nap? Ok

I lie down. CJ climbs up too and proceeds to use me like I was one of those bouncy castles

Aunt C: Ooph, careful. Are you going to tuck me in?

CJ: Yeeeaaahhh

She grabs one of her blankets and drapes it over my top half, jamming tucking it in around my neck.

CJ: Ahhhh. Nice.

Aunt C: Thank you! Ok, time for Aunt C go to sleep!

CJ crawls on top of me again, this time gently and gives me a hug. She pulls back, leans down and gives me a nice big kiss. She lifts her head and…

CJ: I love you

My heart feels like it’s going to explode.

Aunt C: I love you too.

I pretend to sleep for a bit.

CJ: Wake up Kissie! Play!

I love play time!


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  1. mel permalink
    August 26, 2011 9:40 am

    she is the best!!!!

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