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Weekend Wind-Up

August 22, 2011

It was off to A’s parents for the weekend for us!

We headed up after work on Friday, arriving around 10pm, which wasn’t too bad but well past our bedtime (so lame!!). After some catch up chatter, we all hit the sack, ready for the weekend to start.

Saturday morning the boys and girls split up. A and his dad headed up to the cottage to get started on some work in the bush. A’s mom, E, and I headed up to the cottage too, but took a side trip into a local town for their annual corn festival! What fun! The whole town was decorated with corn!

Note: I’m channeling my inner Ansel Adams today (with the black and white shots), due mostly to the fact that I had my camera on the wrong light setting and everything had a bluish tinge to it and I’m too lazy to take the time to edit them that intensely. B&W it is!!

There was a kid’s corn parade, booths set up selling local goods and one with rabbits, and of course, husked corn sold on every corner. You could even buy a corn on the cob, freshly cooked using a huge old steam engine! We sidestepped that, choosing to buy the husked corn to have later, but made sure to buy a bag of corn donuts. Rather than made with cornmeal, which is what we expected, they basically just had chunks of corn in them. They were tasty, but the corn added an unexpected, um, chewy, element. Not bad.

The afternoon was spent lounging on the dock. It was somewhat overcast, but A and I ventured into the water for 20 minutes or so, just until we started hearing thunder in the distance. We got ourselves inside just in time for a huge downpour, and decided to play cards while we waited it out.

A and I watching the rain. His sneaky mom snapped this shot! Thanks E, I LOVE it!!

Once the rain had stopped, A and I went for a walk before supper and the coolest thing happened! We saw an owl!! A big huge brown spotted owl. It was AMAZING!! And I’m kicking myself still for not bringing the camera along on our trek. It swooped out of a tree across our path, and flew up to another tree branch. We walked carefully closer and stood looking at it (and it at us) for a solid minute at least before something spooked it! So cool.

Aunt D's kitty. She's so sweet, and looks kind of like my kitty šŸ™‚

We headed home to A’s parents after supper and vegged for the night. My highlight was lounging in the recliner with the full body massager on. Bliss.

Being outside is exhausting!!

Sunday arrived and so did A’s sister and her family. Yay! We showed them the pictures from our trip, played some cards and had lupper (the meal between lunch and supper), all the while listening to the rain pouring down outside. Holy cheese and toast! Was there ever a lot of rain!! We managed to get the car packed up in between downpours and headed home around 3:30 but it didn’t clear up until we were only about a half hour away from home. Crazy!

Good for the garden though! Speaking of, I’ll have to do an update on the garden later in the week. Things are starting to ripen!! Very exciting.

Hope everyone else had a loverly weekend too!

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  1. August 23, 2011 7:29 am

    It was a great weekend even though it rained. Love seeing you both and the beautiful pics from your trip to Newfoundland.

    Love you both,


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