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Newfoundland Day 3

August 22, 2011

It was a rough start, weather-wise, to our trip to the Rock, but on Monday we woke up to blue skies and sunshine!

We took advantage of the nice weather and headed for a walk up the local hiking trail. We didn’t time it, but the whole trek took around an hour and a half. There were flat parts, up and down parts and really  up and down parts. Newfoundland, especially the coastal parts, is made up of hills and harbours.

View of our destination from the house

We walked up that...and now to walk back down!!

Worth the walk though...what a view!

View from the top

That afternoon, we headed for a drive around the Baccalieu trail. It travels around the south side of Trinity Bay and the North side of Conception Bay. A really beautiful drive! We spent some time in both Bay de Verde, where we saw whales (!!!) and in Northern Bay Sands, where A dipped his feet in the Atlantic (not me…too cold!!).

Bay de Verde lookout point


Whale closer up

Moi...wasn't it a stellar day??

Bay de Verde...such a cute little town

Northern Bay Sands

Yes Virginia, there are blue skies in Newfoundland!

Can't go to the beach without ice cream

On our way home, completing the loop around the drive, we stopped at what I call the Candy Cane lighthouse, in Heart’s Content. To me, it’s always signified that we were almost to Nanny and Poppy’s house. I haven’t been out there in years, only seeing it from a distance, so it was nice to see it up close again.

Once home, we settled in with a bottle of wine up at the gazebo. We stayed there for all of 10 minutes before the bugs started getting to us (me), but in that 10 minutes I got some really stellar sunset pics!!

Just had to try this! Wasn't bad. A tad too sweet, but that didn't stop us from drinking it 🙂

And our day was done. Most evenings we just read or watched a movie and then hit the sack. Even if there was a night life in the town where we were staying (which there wasn’t), we were bushed after our days travels!

What’s coming up for day four? Our last day of sunny weather 😦

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