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Newfoundland – Days One and Two

August 17, 2011

I have so many pictures I want to share, I think I’m going to have to spread them out. That, and I haven’t finished going through them all yet! Here are some from our first couple of days on the Rock. Enjoy!

After a non-eventful, very early flight, we arrived in St. John’s just after 11 am on the morning of July 30th. Our plan was to find the car (my Uncle left us one in the parking lot), explore the sights to see in the city, check into our hotel and then hit up George Street. But first, because it was lunch time and because airplane food is crap, we needed food. What do you have when you’re on the east coast? Fish.

And Chips.

We went to Ches’s, which is one of the best known fish and chips places in the province.

Ches's Fish and Chips -see? They know they're famous!

A's beige meal: fish and chips!

While A decided to have this famous meal, I went another route and had my personal Newfoundland favourite: cod tongues. I know, you’re thinking that’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard, but they’re actually quite fabulous! A bravely tried one, but wasn’t overly impressed. I think you either love them or hate them. There’s very little in between.

My beige meal: cod tongues!!Battered with flour, salt and pepper and fried up to yummy goodness.

After lunch, we were well fueled to visit St. John’s most notable attraction, Signal Hill and Cabot Tower. I make it a point to go there every time I visit (I haven’t gone more than two years without a trip ‘home’ in over 20 years – for those not in the know, I’m a Newfie born, but we moved to Ontario when I was 7). We were lucky that the weather was clear while we were up there, because off in the distance the fog was threatening to creep in.

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill

View from Signal Hill - St. John's - that narrow strip of water on the left is called the 'narrow's' - ginormous ships pass through there to enter the harbour!

Famous (infamous?) fog

The fog had already arrived at Cape Spear, which was our next stop, about 20 minutes outside the city. Cape Spear, for those of you who don’t know, is the most easternly point in North America!

Cape Spear? Is that you?

The old's done up inside all historic like, but we were too tired to stay at that point

With those two key touristy things out of the way, we were exhausted and luckily it was time to check into our hotel. We stayed right downtown, at the Delta, and after a quick nap (we were up at 4:30 am Toronto time!), we got dolled up (well, I did, though A looked mighty fine himself) and headed to the George Street Festival!

Best washroom sign ever!!

George Street has the highest concentration of bars in North America and every year they have a festival lasting several days, where they shut down the street. Live music, cheap (sometimes) drinks, happy Newfies and tourists (sometimes mostly tourists) populate the street for one giant party. We got there at 8, just in time to hear the band, Kitchen Party, but by 10:30 we were done. Which on one hand was sad because it was a cruel reminder that we’re in our 30’s and our threshold for noise and booze is lowering as the years pass, but also happy because going to bed never felt so good. The Delta has some comfy beds!!

10 years ago I did the George Street Festival. I don’t remember much. I obviously had a great time 🙂 though I will never be able to drink Canadian Club again in my lifetime.


The next day we got up, checked out and headed out to my parents summer place, which is just over an hour away. It took us a bit longer than that to get there, with stops to visit some of my family and to the grocery store, but by 5pm we had arrived. I love our house there. It’s such a cute little place, perfect for a relaxing getaway. It’s in the town where my dad grew up, and since I grew up going there, it’s very much a comforting place for me, exactly what I needed.

And there you have our first couple of days, and A’s first glimpses, of Newfoundland! Stay tuned for more fog (with a smattering of sun), sand and whales!

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  1. March 25, 2012 2:36 am

    Thanks Christina for the post about beautiful Newfoundland.

    Many of our memories are anchored on the food we eat. For me, it is cod tongues – I LOVE it ;D.

    Cod tongues remind me of those wonderful days when I was a student at Memorial Unversity, more than 20 years ago.

    Thanks for the memory!

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