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Weekend Wind-Up

August 15, 2011

This was our first full weekend back after vacation and you know what that means: lots to catch up on!

Friday night we didn’t do much, other than enjoy the peach cobbler I made and watched the rest of Despicable Me (I cried).

But Saturday we got up and were out the door as soon as we’d eaten breakfast. Our destination was the farmers market and we made out like bandits! Broccoli, onions, sweet peppers (including a purple one and a white one!), beets, corn and a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread. All for under $20! Find your local market in Ontario by clicking here.

After the market we headed to the mall to pick up a baby shower gift for my good friend M1, whose shower I went to that afternoon (last minute, I know. It’s how I roll). The shower itself was lovely, in a pavillion down by the lake. The amount of food was astonishing and oh so tasty (she’s of Chilean heritage and her in-laws are Greek…aweseome combo food-wise! And other ways too of course, haha). I managed to restrain myself with the treats this time (I overdid it at M2’s shower back in April. The candy bar was my downfall), and felt good by the time M2 dropped me off at home.

It was a short stay though, because shortly after I got home A and I were off to my parents for supper, where we had a very tasty BBQ with chicken, potatoes and a yummy beet and spinach salad (with goat cheese!). After a failed attempt to show them our pictures from Newfoundland (the DVD got all messed up. I’ve since uploaded them to my hard drive, and should have some ready soon to share! Patience people. Do you know how long it takes to go through over 800 images? Me either. You’ll know when I do.) , we headed home to watch Skyline. It’s one of those alien invasion type movies and though it was entertaining, I wouldn’t suggest you rush out to rent it.

Sunday was cleaning and laundry day. We cleaned, vacuumed, mopped and laundered the day away. We did have a brief trip out to Canadian Tire, where my list of four things more than doubled as we saw things we wanted needed: a new shower shelf system; a new kettle; gardening gloves for A. The list goes on. We did get what was on the original list though 🙂

One of our favourite things to do lately is to buy a roast and throw it in the slow cooker on a Sunday for a nice, easy meal. We did just that yesterday, tossing in carrots, onions, zucchini and a couple of hot peppers from the garden to give it some zing.

I roasted the beets we got from the market to accompany the roast and for some reason decided randomly to make a beet risotto out of it! It turned out quite lovely, and for once the garlic I used didn’t over power the dish! And of course, the recipe called for goat cheese on top. I would have taken pictures, but if you’ve ever made risotto, you know that constant attention is required, so there were no photo ops. Just imagine hot pink rice and you’ll have a good idea of what it looked like.

And there you have it! Busy but good. Hope you all had a good one too!


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