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July 9, 2011

On Monday, when I was off, I stopped by our local nursery and picked up some herbs:

Lavender, oregano, basil, chives, mint and thyme (they were out of sage or I would have picked that up too). I have a goal to start using them in my cooking more. We’ll see if that goal comes to fruition, but regardless they’re pretty and smell nice.

I planted herbs in my side garden years ago, but they’ve since grown wild and out of control, so I made the executive decision to scrap those and start anew, this time making more of an effort to contain them.

My parents, who are just like me and keep everything, bless them, brought us over some terra cotta pots they were no longer using:

They’re a little rough around the edges, I know, but I kind of like that about them. Makes me look like a seasoned gardener, not a newbie modern urbanite who needs everything to look perfect and new.

Speaking of rough, check out those weeds. Ouch.

No, literally, ouch. They’re the prickly kind and pulling them out is tricky. WEAR GLOVES!

With A’s help (he was in charge of the soil), I planted the herbs and pulled the weeds:

Bit, by tiny bit, we’re making a dent in the jungle that is our backyard. I think it could be a full time job. Seriously.

Maybe Kitty would volunteer for the job:

She’s LOVE to get out into the backyard.

Not going to happen baby. An indoor kitty for 9 years and no front claws? Not. Going. To. Happen.

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