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Dear Toronto Tourists

July 7, 2011

Dear Toronto Tourists:

Thank you so much for visiting our fantastic city! We are very glad to have you and I would encourage you to see and do as much as you can while you’re here. There are some amazing sights to see.


Torontonians are on the whole a very kind people and quite welcoming, but there is one thing that really gets in their grill: interruptions during rush hour. They have absolutely no patience for that (and by THEY I mean I) and I would hate for you to leave here with the impression that the people of the city are angry tourist haters. It’s just not true. We just like to get to work on time, that’s all.

So here are a few friendly tips to help you make it through rush hour in this fair city:

1. If you’re riding up or down an escalator, stand to the right. If you’re with another person or a group of people, don’t stand next to them to chat; stand in front of or behind them and wait the 20 seconds it takes to get to the bottom to say what you had to say. This especially applies if you’re on an escalator taking you to the subway tracks.

2. If you hear an impatient ‘hrmph’ behind you, don’t ignore it. Someone is silently burning you with their eyes and you should immediately either move over or move faster.

3. Similarly, once you’re at the bottom or top of the escalator and are not sure which train you need to take, please do not block the path of the hundreds of other people behind you who are rushing to get on the train that’s about to leave. This isn’t Japan where trains leave and arrive every second. More often then not there are delays on the TTC and if we miss one train, we have to wait 10 more minutes before the next. 10. Minutes.

4. This one is especially important. If you are driving on the 401 (AKA the Trans Canada Highway), and you are going the speed limit (100 km/hr), FOR GOODNESS SAKE, STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE OF THE COLLECTORS AND STAY OUT OF THE EXPRESS!!!

5. If you don’t know what the Collectors and Express are, you might want to get off the highway.

6. If you are driving below the speed limit on the highway, GET OFF THE HIGHWAY!!!

7. Plan ahead. If you have a destination in mind, figure out in advance how to get there. Please don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk looking at your map. If you must consult directions, move off to the side. It’s easy as one-step, two-steps.

8. If you need to use your cell phone, ensure that you have the capability to walk and talk at the pace the people are moving around you, which is generally about 50 MPH.

Unlike other cities, rush hour in Toronto lasts 24/7. It is always busy and crowded. But if you follow these simple guidelines, you will have the most amazing visit you could ever imagine and will arrive home alive and unscathed.

You are welcome!

Happy travels,


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