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Weekend Wind-Up – Canada Day Edition

July 4, 2011

This was a jam packed weekend full of fun and family! Get ready for it…..

Thursday evening, both A and I were off work early, so we packed ourselves up and headed East to his parents for the Canada Day Long Weekend. Luckily there wasn’t too much traffic and we arrived, with only a brief stopover for dinner, around 8pm.

The next morning (Canada Day) we got up, and after we had breakfast and ogled the wild turkeys trekking around the field,

we headed down to Brockville for the Brockville Riverfest. There was a carnival, petting zoo, stalls selling various goods and, of course, ice cream.

There was also an event called Dog Docks, which completely enthralled me. Dogs compete to jump the furthest off the platform into the water. So fun!

Let’s see this guy close up:

Love those ears!!

We headed home late afternoon and after a nap (A and I) and a BBQ, we headed back to the festival for fireworks. I wish I’d gotten some pics of those, because they were stunning, but I wanted to enjoy them and not try and figure out the right camera settings.

Saturday morning arrived and we puttered a bit before heading up to A’s family cottage for the afternoon. We seriously lucked out with the weather, because Saturday, like Friday, was sunny and hot! Perfect weather for a dip in the water:

That’s my boyfriend! Nice form baby 🙂

A’s mom took A and I out for a boat ride, which was fabulous. I’m lucky that small boats are the one vehicle on which I DO NOT get motion sickness 🙂

Just as we were leaving for the night, I slipped out back and spied this guy trying to catch his supper:

You know you’re in Canada when you see loons!

We left the cottage and headed back to A’s parents for a bon fire.

Confession: I LOVE fire. There is something so hypnotic about it. The colour and the movement are different each time. But I do have great respect for it, so don’t you worry, I’m not about to go around lighting stuff up.

And of course, where there’s fire on a summer’s night, there are inevitably s’mores!!!


We left on Sunday after lunch, having spent the morning relaxing and playing games together. The drive home wasn’t too bad; it only took an hour longer than normal. But it was still tiring and we were in bed and asleep while it was still light out.

A is back to work today, but I decided to take another day, making the long weekend extra long. It’s 1 pm and already I’ve dropped A off at work, grocery shopped, weeded out the front garden, staked the peas in the backyard, popped over to the nursery for some herb plants to put out back, visited my mom, started the laundry and had a visit from my sister and CJ.


I hope everyone’s Canada Day weekend was as stellar as mine was!

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