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Love List

July 3, 2011

10 things I love about summer:

1. Warmth. I used to hate the warmth,  but as the years progress and my circulation issues get worse (Reynauds, you make me cold), I’m learning to welcome the heat more and more each summer 🙂

2. Colour. Summer is alive with colour! Grass, flowers, bright outfits. I love it!

3. Food. Salads and BBQ. Can’t go wrong!

4. People. It’s a statistical truth that in Canada, we socialize more in the summer. In the winter, we just hermit ourselves away to stay warm.

5. Flip-flops. Is there anything more satisfying than hearing the ‘flip, flip, flip’ of your shoes when you walk?

6. Thunderstorms! T-storms in the summer kick ass!!! They’re violent and bold and an amazing sign that nature still has power and we can’t control everything.

7. Patios. I love eating on patios, assuming there are no bugs. And no smokers. I feel I notice smokers more as I get older. Gross.

8. Floating. I love floating in the water at the cottage. It’s one of the most relaxing things!

9. Fires. Campfires, to be specific. I love sitting out in front of a good fire, toasting marshmallows. Yum!

10. Long weekends! I hope everyone is enjoying this Canada Day long weekend (Fourth of July for you Americans). I have tomorrow off as well, so it’s an extra long one for me!

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