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Ten on Tuesday

June 21, 2011

I was a little lost for a minute, forgetting what day of the week it was. I had high hopes it was at least Thursday, but no such luck. Tuesday it is!

1. What’s the perfect meal?

The perfect meal is one I remember months, even years, later. I can still remember the late night pizza we ordered after a night of drinking in my second year of university…I can still remember the sauteed mushrooms I had from an Italian restaurant on a trip to Halifax when I was 12…I can still remember the grilled salmon with mango/peach chutney I had at the Culinary Institute of Canada in PEI when I was 26 0r 27…I can still remember the Valentine’s Dinner A and I had together this past February….and I’m sure I’ll remember the fancy mac and cheese I had at a local French Bistro last Friday, since it was a spectacular cheat on my diet 🙂

2. What are the perfect pair of shoes?

The perfect pair of shoes are ones found when I least expect it. They fit perfectly and don’t hurt my size 10, flat and slightly bunion-ed footsies. This is a rare occurrence people. A very. Rare. Occurrence.

3. What is the perfect afternoon?

The perfect afternoon is any time spent with friends and family, and most especially, A.

4. What’s the perfect house?

The perfect house is the one in which we’ll raise the family we’ll have one day.

5. What is the perfect outfit?

The perfect outfit does many things for me. It fits my hips. It fits my waist. It fits my boobs. It makes me feel sexy but comfortable at the same time. It could be anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a fabulous bridesmaid dress (of which I have three such examples)!

6. What’s the perfect wedding song?

Hmm. Tricky. I’ve always though Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk would be the perfect wedding song. But now I think that the perfect song won’t matter, as long as I’m dancing with the guy who’s perfect for me 🙂 Awww.

7. What is the perfect job?

My idea of the perfect job is raising our children. That’s the ultimate career, whether it’s your only job or you work outside the home as well.

8. What’s the perfect hairstyle?

Ha! I’m feeling like I have all these issues to work with to look good…feet, body…the perfect hairstyle will control my lion’s mane, which with the slightest spark of moisture will frizz and expand.

9. What’s the perfect music festival?

Any festival would be perfect if Bon Jovi was playing in it!

10. What’s the perfect day to yourself?

The perfect me day….some sort of spa treatment, shopping, relaxing with a good book…any of the above or all three together would work!

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