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Weekend Wind-Up

June 13, 2011

My weekend technically started on Wednesday! I took Thursday and Friday off to babysit CJ (both her grandmothers are on vacation right now). It was fabulous! I loved every minute of it. Thursday we stayed in and played together, but Friday we ventured out and over to B’s for a play date with her little guy, J. He’s a year and a half older then CJ, but they played quite well together! So cute. She had so much fun that she had a marathon 3 hour nap as soon as we left after lunch!

The best part of my ‘job’ for two days was that I was home at the same time as A! That means we had oodles of time to make dinner and run errands. Friday night we found ourselves at Lowe’s to pick up the wood and supplies necessary for making our raised vegetable bed. He put it together Sunday morning and it looks fabulous!

Almost ready at this point...we added filter cloth after I took this picture

We (and by we I mean mostly A) managed to get it into place and level it (our backyard slopes), and now we just have to wait for the soil, which will arrive on Wednesday. We chose to build it 18 inches high, because the current soil under the sod absolutely sucks. I didn’t want to take any chances that the vegetable roots would reject the soil, so extra deep it was!

Sidenote: Excuse my horrible weeds behind the box! They’re going to go very, very soon. Since the drainage is so poor back there and nothing will grow (well, nothing I WANT to grow will grow), our plan is to cover it with filter cloth and pour small river stone over top.

I spent most of the weekend planning out our crops. It’s quite the intense process! The growing season here in Southern Ontario can actually be divided into three sections: early, mid and late. We’ve missed the early season already, but are in time (if slightly late) for the mid-season warm weather crops and will be ready for the late-summer/early-fall crops that prefer the cooler weather. I’ve made numerous charts and lists and I think I have a solid plan (all on paper…now to get it on the computer!). I’ll keep you posted once we get to the planting stage!

Saturday was our five-month luniversary 🙂 We started off the day with a trip to the farmer’s market, where we picked up some veggies (peppers, asparagus and lettuce), frozen ground beef and some goat cheese.

The giant head of lettuce we picked up at the market

The goat cheese was a special treat! We picked out the regular soft-cheese variety, but also indulged in a hard goat cheese called Tomme.

It’s very similar to a Parmesan, but made with goat’s milk. I used it in making lasagna for dinner on Saturday night (more on that later) and it was fantastic!

That night, we went to see Super 8. I loved it! It’s Goonies meets ET meets Cloverfield. A fantastic adventure story. Steven Spielburg has the midas touch. So does JJ Abrams, as he wrote and directed it. Genius.

Througout the weekend I was very concious of making sure to stick to my DYGS free diet, especially since falling off the wagon last weekend. I fared pretty well! I slipped a couple of time (a cookie on Saturday and another on Sunday and two M&M’s at the movies), but otherwise am sticking to it.

I made this for lunch on Sunday. I’m not exactly sure what to call it…an open-faced omelet maybe? An egg pizza? I poured two scrambled eggs into a small frying pan (I have a teeny tiny one that’s only 4 inches in diameter) and let them cook through, creating a round, flat surface on which to pile sauteed peppers and onions, chopped tomatoes, avocado and salsa. The salsa is one I picked up from the natural food section at Loblaw’s. It’s sugar and vinegar free!

Monday it’s back to work and I feel quite refreshed after my extra long weekend! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: long weekends should be the norm! The world would be a better place 🙂

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  1. June 14, 2011 8:35 am

    J.J. Abrams should be ashamed of what he did to the Star Trek franchise, an booed constantly if he ever dared to show up at a convention.

  2. June 14, 2011 11:54 am

    I know you think that baby. You know I LOVED the new Star Trek movie though…

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