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One Fish, Two Fish…

June 9, 2011

We tried something new on Wednesday night: Rainbow Trout!

I’ve always been wary about eating fish in Ontario. Maybe it’s just an ingrained feeling of complete wrong-ness, having spent part of my childhood and countless visits thereafter in Newfoundland. There, you go down to the dock and get your fish fresh off the boat. Here though, it’s been somewhat of a concern for me, seeing how far some fish have traveled (and not by water!) to reach our stores. We saw some salmon tonight that came all the way from Ireland!

But the rainbow trout looked good, it wasn’t from that far away and I’ve never cooked it before, so why not give it a go!?

It was super easy. It came already fileted, with the skin still on one side. I drizzled some olive oil in a frying pan, and put the filet in skin side down. On top I sprinkled a little salt, pepper and a tad more olive oil and let it cook for awhile.

Once it was cooked most of the way through, I flipped it over to sear it a bit on the top and voila!

Tasty! I served it with steamed asparagus, basmati rice and raw sliced red and yellow peppers. A put some malt vinegar on his half of the trout, but I had mine as is and it was quite nice and mild.

While we ate, we watched Kitty enjoy her newest pastime: bird stalking. Since we put in the bird feeder, we’ve been opening up the shutters in the living room for her to look out at our new guests.


She’s there all the time. All. The. Time. Just lying in wait for the birds to arrive:

After dinner we braved the weather (a storm was coming in fast from the West) and headed into the backyard to decide where we’re going to put our vegetable garden. We have some long term plans that won’t happen this year, but we need to consider how it’ll all unfold as we ‘renovate’ the yard.

Part of the conversation went like this:

C: I like the idea of a greenhouse. It’s growing on me.

A: Did you mean for that to be a joke?

C: [pauses to consider, then realizes] HAHA! Nope.

I slay me! I love puns and I didn’t even intend for that one to happen. Ah C.

With the storm now in full force, and the skies darkening by the minute, I’ll leave you with something a little bright and sunny!

Columbine, now blooming in the garden!

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