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Weekend Wind-Up

May 29, 2011

Even though last week was short (Monday was a holiday and I had a migraine on Tuesday and was off work), it felt like the weekend took forever to arrive! And once it did, we were busy busy busy! Here are some of the highlights:

Finally Finished….

…watching Battlestar Galactica. A gave the entire series to me on Blue Ray for Valentine’s Day and ever since then we’ve been watching all four seasons. I’m super sad that we’re done, especially since it’s no longer on TV. I became so attached to all the characters! It’s a fabulous show and everyone should watch it! Don’t let the sci-fi scare you!

Solved the Mystery Of…

…what this plant is:

Woodland Phlox. I planted it a few years ago in the back garden, and it’s been MIA for the last year or two. All of a sudden though, it’s back, which makes me question as to whether I’ve been accidentally weeding it out each year before it’s had a chance to bloom…hmm.

My lack of weeding this spring may have saved one of my plants! And they say laziness is bad! Bah!

We Had the Best Time…

….babysitting CJ Saturday night while my sister and brother-in-law went to a wedding. We got there at 3pm and left at 1:30am. We had a great time with her! She’s 18 months old now, and such a little girl 🙂 It’s amazing watching her grow and develop. She’s such a ham!

Went to Visit…

…my BFF B and her family today. It was their first time meeting A and I think it went swimmingly! Of course, if I’m happy, B is happy, but it’s always a good thing if your friends like your significant other. But then I can’t think of why anyone wouldn’t like A (awww), so it’s really a ‘moo point’.

Were Visited By…

…new friends in our backyard! A bought us a bird feeder and after a rather sad attempt at putting it on a pole (the fault of the pole not living up to the hype on the box):

Holds 60 lbs my bottom!!

we ended up attaching it to the deck. Which I haven’t taken a picture of yet. In between that though, the feeder was discovered by these two love birds:

The Mister...

...and his Missus

How cute are they?

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